Catholic Wedding At Madera Estates!

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Catholic Wedding: Jessica & Erik 

You’re going to fall head over heels for this Catholic wedding at Madera Estates! 

Once in awhile, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale.” Having been in the wedding industry for more than a handful of years, it’s safe to say moments like this never get old! Just as the above quote mentions, love truly is one of those rare elements that can create a real-life fairytale!

For those new to our blog, Madera Estates is a Spanish and European-inspired wedding venue located in Conroe, TX. As it says right on the homepage to our website, “our goal is to turn your dream wedding into a reality.” We understand how special of a day this is and want to provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience that you’ll never forget! This week on our “Real Wedding at Madera Estates” blog, we’re excited to feature Jessica and Erik’s big day! As you’ll see in the pictures below, this wedding was perfect every step of the way. From the undeniable love that existed between the pair to the firework celebration that capped off the night, we’re still in awe of this one!

Special thanks to the talented team at The Tarnos for the amazing photos capturing this magical day!

I’m sure plenty of brides would agree with me when I say, “getting ready for one’s wedding day creates plenty of memories that will last a lifetime.” Jessica and her besties had a blast getting glammed up in the Bridal Suite. Here at Madera Estates, this space is known as the Champagne Suite. One piece of feedback we routinely receive from brides is the fact that this suite features more than enough room for a bride, her bridesmaids, the hair and makeup team and even a photographer to capture the big day! Nothing to worry about there!

Another awesome job by Kiss and Makeup Houston on handling the hair and makeup part of this celebration! And before we move on, how cute are those matching robes?!

Before we check in on Erik and his groomsmen getting ready for the day ahead, let’s take a moment to see Jessica with her wedding dress on! Stunning!

Yessir, we have an area for the gentlemen as well! Erik and his groomsmen are enjoying a cold one in our Whiskey Lounge. This suite comes with a little bit of everything and is the perfect hangout spot as the guys await the day’s festivities! Included in the Whiskey Lounge is a big screen TV, Xbox, foosball table and your own complimentary section of beer! What more could a guy want?!

Catholic Wedding: The Ceremony 

It’s officially time for the Catholic wedding ceremony to begin! Doesn’t Jessica look angelic?

For those new to our venue, we offer our couples the opportunity to either hold the wedding and reception at Madera Estates, or you’re more than welcome to hold the ceremony at your local church and just the reception at Madera. After all, it is YOUR big day, so we’re happy to do whatever it takes to make your dream wedding a reality!

Jessica and Erik’s ceremony was held at a local church, before heading back to Madera for photos and the reception. How adorable are these pictures? The pair exchanged vows and before you know, we officially have Mr. and Mrs. Sanchez!

Before we head on back to Madera for the reception and a few more photo ops, we can’t skip past these precious family formal shots, as well as a complete bridal party shot!

One major benefit to having your wedding day celebration at Madera Estates is the multitude of amazing photo opportunities you have at your disposal! And with that, we’re always amazed by the beautiful moments that are captured at our couple’s weddings! 

Sporting an old-school car with the “Sanchez” license plate, this quite honestly looks like something straight out of a movie! From the scenic backdrop to these two lovebirds themselves, there’s not much more that needs to be said here!

Our final stop before the reception takes over is right out in front of the Grand Fireplace. Without a doubt, the Grand Fireplace serves as one of our signature backdrop pieces for any wedding here at Madera Estates.  

For those that are new to our venue, this space can be used for everything from an outdoor ceremony to a garden reception or a dance under the stars!

Catholic Wedding: The Reception  

While a few more photos were getting taken care of, let’s take a look inside The Hacienda. This room will soon house Jessica and Erik’s wedding reception! From the gorgeous floral design to the crystal chandeliers hanging above, this entire room is elegance personified!

Kudos to Monica’s Brides & Touch of Glitz Flowers on the lovely floral work!

It didn’t take long for there to be some activity on the dance floor. As we kick off the wedding reception portion of this blog, can we take a minute to show some love for these precious photos?! A mother-son and father-daughter dance, as well as a first dance with our newlyweds!

If you want to see a true work of arts that’s also delicious, look no further! Supreme Kakes knocked it out of the park with this one! Simply beautiful (and scrumptious)!

And before you know it, the party was underway! How adorable is the new Mrs. Sanchez here?!

When we say this reception was a true “celebration of love,” we meant it! Look at this fun-filled party that ensued after Jessica and Erik tied the knot!

Is there a better way to cap off the best day ever than a dance under the stars and a beautiful fireworks display lighting up the sky? What a perfect way to put a “bow” on the BEST DAY EVER!

Shout out to our friends at ROAR Over Texas for another jaw-dropping firework show!

And last but not least, the adorable sparkler send-off! Cheers to love, life and happiness!

We would like to give a special thanks to Jessica and Erik for allowing us to be a part of their special day. From the adorable moments getting ready to the fun reception and fireworks that followed, it truly was a celebration we’ll remember for awhile! We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

At the same time, we would also like to give a shoutout to all of the talented vendors that helped make this wedding a reality. You’ll find each of these vendors below, as well as a link back to their websites:

Photography: The Tarnos Photos

Videographer: EC Films 

Hair + Makeup: Kiss and Makeup Houston

Caterer + Cake: Supreme Kakes

Floral Design: Monica’s Brides

Fireworks: ROAR Over Texas

Mariachi: Mariachi Mi Mexico en Houston 

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We hope you enjoyed following along on Jessica and Erik’s big day as much as we did! If you’re engaged and searching for your dream wedding venue, we would love to show you around Madera Estates. As we tell anyone that’s recently engaged, the best first step is to simply tour a venue. Once you have a venue locked in, it will simplify so many decisions later in the planning process! Here at Madera, we offer free private champagne tours of our venue. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with one of our wedding planning experts to discuss pricing and availability, as well as see in-person the many areas that make up Madera Estates. Click HERE to view our current tour calendar.

Thank you for stopping by our blog! Having started this blog with a quote about love, we’ll also close it out with one and from none other, Dr. Seuss.

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”