Displaying Gratitude for Those Involved in Your Wedding!

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From the very start of the wedding planning process all the way through your honeymoon, the entire wedding experience is going to be one that you’ll never forget! Throughout this process, you’ll also have a number of individuals involved. You’ll have family members and close friends that may be helping out with various tasks along the way. Whether that be a bachelor party, bachelorette party or anything else, the wedding party will undoubtedly be involved. You’ll meet with and book wedding vendors to help ensure your wedding day matches exactly what you had envisioned for your special day. And, last but not least, you’ll have your guests that will celebrate with you on the big day itself!

As is a common theme here on our wedding blog, we always enjoy providing engaged couples with tips for creating the wedding of their dreams. Selecting vendors, creating a planning checklist, knowing what to ask when touring venues, you name it! As mentioned in the opening paragraphs, you can’t ignore just how many people will be involved throughout the entire wedding process. With that in mind, this week’s blog post is going to discuss how you can display your gratitude and appreciation for all of these people involved in your special day!


We’ve said it before, but wedding vendors certainly play an extremely important role in creating the perfect wedding day. From the photographer capable of capturing every moment to the caterer with the ability to create a meal that all of your guests will love, couples will want to carefully select their wedding vendor dream team. Aside from being courteous throughout the process and asking about any questions/concerns beforehand, how can you show your appreciation for these talented wedding professionals? Well, when it comes to wedding vendors, you’ll want to think of two primary items. Gratuities/tips and thank you cards. If you would like, you can even put the two together and have a family member or friend be in charge of handing them out on your wedding day. The reason we recommend delegating the task of passing the envelopes out is because you’ll be plenty busy on your wedding day and don’t need to be worried about making sure this task gets completed. By the way, as a side note, while you’re going through the process of creating your wedding budget, make sure to account for vendor tips. This is an item that’s easy to forget about in the early stages of wedding planning, so it’s important to factor it into your budget!


Just as your wedding vendors will be an integral part of your wedding celebration, you’ll want all of your loved ones there to partake in the fun too, right? That leads us to our next point: your guests! Throughout the wedding planning process, two tasks you’ll need to complete will be compiling your guest list and creating a seating chart for the reception. These are important not only because you’ll want all of your loved ones there celebrating with you, but also due to the fact that the total guest list count can affect various other items, such as catering cost, venue capacity and so on!

Having said all of that, you want to make sure your guests know how much you appreciate them taking the time to celebrate with you on your big day! So…one thing couples may opt to do is have wedding favors to give out to guests on their wedding day. When it comes to wedding favors, there are plenty of possibilities. Whether they’re homemade or purchased ready-to-go, this can certainly be a fun task in the wedding planning process! Another way to show your appreciation is through thank you cards to be sent after the wedding day. Especially if they brought a gift to your wedding, it’s important for you and your partner to take the time to write out thank you notes and get them sent out. While they don’t need to be sent the very next day, it would be a good idea to get them sent out in a timely manner. If you’re planning on doing a honeymoon right after the wedding, try to block off an evening when you get back home to start on the thank you notes and divide them up between you and your partner.

Wedding Party

Another group of people that will certainly be involved in your wedding celebration will be the wedding party. While every wedding can be slightly different, it’s safe to say the wedding party will be included in one way or another during various stages of the entire process. For example, if you check out many of our past blog posts that highlighted previous weddings held at Madera Estates, you’ll notice we often start them off with those special “getting ready” moments before the wedding ceremony. This is the perfect time to take a minute to relax and enjoy these moments with your besties. Long story short, your wedding party will be right by your side on the wedding day itself. However, in many cases, the wedding party can also lend a hand during various parts of the planning process. While it’s entirely up to you on what tasks you complete on your own and which ones you delegate, I’m sure your bridesmaids or groomsmen will be happy to help in any way that they can.

That leads us into the final section of this blog post, which happens to be showing your gratitude for the wedding party! After all, you’ll want to tell them thank you for standing by your side as you say your “I Do’s,” right? A common theme for this would be by giving them some type of gift. Whether that be on the night before at the rehearsal dinner, the day of the wedding or even right after it, take your time to think of something thoughtful that they would enjoy! There are obviously plenty of possibilities here and it certainly doesn’t have to be anything super expensive either, but rather come up with something that shows you appreciate their support being with you on your big day!

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