Don’t Forget About This When Planning a Winter Wedding!

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Shortly after getting engaged, one of the first things you’ll likely find yourself doing is evaluating different dates and times of the year for your wedding celebration! This is obviously a big decision, so it’ll also be something that you and your partner will take your time on when pondering potential options. Likewise, it’s important to note that there are a number of factors which can be impacted by this decision, including vendor availability, in-season floral arrangements, pricing, guest availability and more!

As a luxury wedding venue in Conroe, TX, we have the opportunity to witness weddings throughout all months of the year and have to say that each season presents its own unique style. It doesn’t matter if the wedding is held during spring, summer, fall or winter, we’ve seen absolutely magical weddings in each of the four seasons. Having said that, it’s also worth noting that the geographic location in which you’ll be tying the knot will impact things as well. In other words, winter in Houston likely looks a little different than winter in Minnesota!

In this week’s blog, we’re going to touch on a few tips for those currently planning a winter wedding. As I just mentioned, a winter wedding can look a little bit different depending on where you’re getting married, so we’ll work to provide some tips that apply to everyone! Let’s hop right in!

Keep Weather In Mind

This is true for every season and I’m sure many couples have this thought in the back of their heads, but it’s always smart to be mindful of potential weather issues and how you could possibly adjust your plans (if needed). For example, if you live in a warmer climate, you may be able to include some outdoor elements, whether that be the entire ceremony or even a sparkler send-off at the end of the night. Nonetheless, even in warmer weather cities like Houston, there is always the chance of a cold front coming through in the winter months. In these situations, make sure you have a back-up plan in place and be able to utilize an indoor space instead. Likewise, also take into account how this could impact different parts of the celebration, including photo opportunities. If the indoor portion of the venue is relatively limited, you may want to carefully weigh the pros and cons!

Another weather-related variable to consider is how it could impact your guests’ ability to attend the wedding. For instance, say there was a heavy snowfall on your wedding day (or even the day before), would this make it a challenge for them to make it to the venue? Not to mention, you’ll also want to keep this in mind if you have guests traveling from out of state and how flight delays could potentially cause issues.

Being in Texas, we’re lucky to have relatively mild winter weather, but that’s certainly not the case with other parts of the country. As we’ll reference throughout this blog post, there are so many unique advantages of the winter season, but we wanted to acknowledge the potential winter weather first!

Carefully Consider All of the Beautiful Color Palettes and Floral Arrangements

Aside from the different backdrops for outdoor photos, another way in which you can tell the uniqueness of a season for a wedding is by the various color palettes and floral arrangements available. I’m sure you’re aware that certain color palettes are more popular in the spring months in comparison to the winter months, just as particular florals may be in-bloom during different seasons. So…when it comes to the winter season, here are a few ideas to keep in mind:

  • Color Palettes – If you’re browsing online for winter colors, you’ll definitely be pleased with the different possibilities. Varying shades of blue are always a hit that can tie into the winter wonderland theme. An emerald green pairs nicely with different neutral colors and can bring a nature-type feel to your celebration. Dark reds or a burgundy also would be a nice option that’ll surely pop in the photos!
  • Floral Arrangements – Wouldn’t you agree that flowers play a huge role in a wedding ceremony and/or reception? Luckily, the Houston area is home to some talented florists, so you’ll have no trouble knocking this wedding planning component out of the park! Whether it be in regards to the bouquet, table centerpieces or elsewhere at the venue, you’ll want to select florals that match everything else! In terms of in-season blooms for the winter, you may be looking at eucalyptus, gardenias, paperwhites, holly and plenty others! To take it one step further, consider incorporating pinecones or other seasonal items as added elements!

All in all, as mentioned above, color palettes and floral arrangements are a major factor of any wedding celebration and also something that’ll come down to personal preference! Luckily, you’ll have more than a few beautiful options to choose from and it’s tough to go wrong with any of them.

Need a Little More Convincing?

Are you considering a winter wedding, but not completely sold on it? While we already covered a few tips for couples currently planning a winter wedding, it wouldn’t be a complete blog post without covering a few other advantages associated with this stunning season. One of the more notable benefits is the increased vendor and venue availability. As you likely know, certain months (and days of the week) are more popular than others for weddings and as a result of this, they tend to get booked up quicker. As a side note, this is a major reason why we recommend finalizing some of the bigger purchases (such as your venue, photographer, caterer) early on because they can get booked over a year in-advance on some occasions. In any case, the winter season could likely be considered a little less busy than the fall season for example and may allow you more flexibility in securing your dream team of wedding vendors. So…the increased vendor availability is a definite plus!

Another unique benefit of winter weddings is the ability for you and your partner to let your creative juices flow on many decisions. For instance, you’ll have the opportunity to incorporate some beautiful outdoor photos that would likely be impossible to replicate in other months (thanks to the winter backdrops). You can pick out different food and drink offerings to ensure a warm and hearty meal. In terms of wedding favors, you can play into the winter theme and come up with something that your guests will absolutely love. To sum it up, there really are a world of possibilities when planning a winter wedding!

Host Your Winter Wedding at Madera Estates!

Here at Madera Estates, our team has the ability to host weddings all year-round. With both an indoor and outdoor space available, our couples can rest assured knowing that there are plenty of possibilities for a layout, as well as always having a back-up plan in the event of any weather-related curveballs! We hope you enjoyed this week’s blog post, as we covered a few things to consider when planning a winter wedding. There’s no denying that the winter season creates some beautiful wedding celebrations and it’s definitely worth giving some thought to whether it may make sense for you and your partner!

If you’re currently planning your wedding near the Houston area and are still in need of a venue, we would love to show you around Madera Estates! To learn more about our wedding venue, feel free to request a copy of our Investment Guide HERE. Cheers to a fun wedding planning experience!