Don’t Forget These Things During Wedding Planning!

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It’s safe to say planning a wedding can come with its fair share of moving pieces. Whether that be finalizing your guest list, sending out invitations, booking vendors or anything else, it can seem a little overwhelming! Not to mention, there’s always the possibility of a few curveballs along the way that may not have been expected. On a larger scale, the recent Covid pandemic was a perfect example of this! Nonetheless, with so many different variables and tasks that you need to knock out before the big day, there’s always the chance of something slipping your mind and getting missed. Trust us, you won’t be the first one to have had this happen!

Here at Madera Estates in Conroe, TX, our team has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of couples over the years, as they look to craft their dream wedding day. With that in mind, we feel confident in saying that there are a nearly endless number of ideas out there to make your wedding day unique. Having this experience, our blog post this week will highlight some tips for those currently in the planning stages. As mentioned in the opening paragraph, wedding planning can be challenging. With that in mind, this week’s blog identifies a handful of things that couples occasionally forget while planning their big day!

Having Plenty of Time

First and foremost, the last thing you want is to be pressed for time as your wedding day approaches. This will almost certainly cause some unneeded stress and headaches! Having said that, make sure to leave plenty of wiggle room on your wedding planning timeline. That could be in regards to selecting your wedding gown, thus leaving extra time for any modifications. It could be tied to ordering specific decor for the big day. Or it could even be on the wedding day itself in terms of leaving ample time for completing everything that needs to be done before the ceremony commences. In any case, our first wedding planning no-no on this blog is forgetting to give yourself plenty of time throughout the entire process!

Trusted Assistant for Formal Photos

Getting plenty of photos from your wedding day is a MUST. I’m fairly certain every couple would agree with that statement. From the getting ready moments to the reception and everything in-between, that is a no-brainer. One component of every wedding album is going to be formal photos with the wedding party, as well as each side’s family members and close friends. Even if everyone is physically present in the venue, it can be a chore rounding everyone up when it’s their turn for a photo. Since the photographer won’t know who exactly each specific person is, delegate this responsibility to a friend, family member or anyone else that will know who’s who. It will make the entire process much more efficient.

Wedding Dress Pic

Continuing with the theme of must-haves for your wedding album, another photo opp that’s become quite popular is the one of the dress hanging up during the getting-ready moments. We’ve seen this on plenty of occasions! The one thing you’ll want to remember with this is having a nice hanger on-site for the pic. If possible, it would be preferable to avoid just using any other lackluster hanger that may be sitting around. Consider getting personalized hangers made to add a special touch. Pictured below is a great example from a recent wedding held at Madera Estates. Photo courtesy of Ivan Garcia Studio.

Thank You Speech

While we typically think of the best man and maid of honor first when we hear the phrase “wedding speeches,” it’s also a nice touch for the bride and groom to say a few words themselves. This speech certainly doesn’t have to be very long and will mostly revolve around thanking your guests for attending your wedding. One to two minutes is likely plenty of time to express what the moment means to you and wish everyone a fun evening celebrating! A popular time for this speech is generally sometime between your Grand Entrance into the reception and the time in which people start eating.

When you’re planning out everything for the big day, it’s easy to forget about this short speech, but having a few key points jotted down ahead of time will ensure a seamless process (especially if you’re not a huge fan of public speaking).

Back-Up Plan

Remember how I mentioned above of there always being that chance of an unforeseen curveball popping up? While some of the time, these unexpected circumstances could wreak havoc on your plans, there truly is value in having a back-up plan ready to go. The most common example of this is anything weather-related. When you go to finalize your wedding date, this one is always kind of a toss-up. Even though you can take a guess at what the weather may entail based on that particular season, it’s impossible to predict whether or not a storm will be on the forecast months in advance. 

Keep in mind that most wedding venues should have you covered on this topic. If you’re still in the planning phase and touring various venues, you’ll definitely want to raise this question. To provide an example, here at Madera Estates, we have both an indoor and outdoor space. While outdoor ceremonies in front of the Grand Fireplace are popular during the warmer months, you never know when rain may pop up on the forecast. In the instance that it does, our team is able to utilize the Hacienda to ensure you still have a picture-perfect wedding ceremony!

Enjoy the Fun!

Invitations, RSVP’s, wedding dress shopping, taste-testing catering options, booking vendors, touring venues, guest lists, seating charts, the list goes on! Without a doubt, it can seem a little overwhelming when you consider everything tied to planning your wedding day. From all of the tasks before the big day to the wedding itself, you may feel some stress settling in wondering whether or not you have everything completed. The truth is, even if you forget a minor detail here or there, it’s not going to ruin the entire day. With all of these smaller details, chances are you and your soon-to-be partner will be the only ones that even realize anything was missed. Having said that, our final thing that couples can miss on their wedding day is some relaxation and actually enjoying the entire day. Just remember, the entire event is a celebration and to have some fun!

Ready to Tour Madera Estates

We hope you found some helpful tips throughout this blog post. As you go through the wedding planning process, there’s certainly plenty of tasks you’ll need to check off your to-do list and it’s easy to forget some of the small details. Here at Madera Estates, our number one priority is to always make sure there’s as little stress as possible on your wedding day, while still bringing your dream wedding to life. If you’re ever interested in checking out our venue, we encourage you to book a free tour on our online calendar. This will be the perfect opportunity to take a look around what all encompasses Madera Estates, as well as have any questions answered by a member of our team. Madera Estates is located in Conroe, TX, just north of Houston and The Woodlands.