Getting Married on a Holiday? Which Ones are Most Popular for Weddings?

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What’s one decision that you’ll need to have set in stone before hiring any other wedding vendors? The specific date in which you’ll actually be tying the knot, of course! Believe it or not, but the date (and season) you choose will impact so many decisions, such as vendor availability, overall price tag and so on. Another popular topic of discussion, when it comes to specific wedding dates, involves holding your wedding on a holiday. As you can likely guess, there are definitely a handful of holidays that tend to be a little more popular than others for wedding celebrations. Having said that, on today’s blog, we’ll be discussing the idea of getting married on a holiday and possibly even provide some inspiration for your own big day.

Before we dive into holiday-themed weddings though, I would first like to give a brief overview of our venue for any first-time website visitors. Based in Conroe, TX, Madera Estates is a luxury event space that specializes in weddings. Whether that be in the form of venue-only rentals or full-service wedding packages, bringing dream weddings to life has always been a passion of ours. In addition to weddings, we’re also pleased to host quinceaneras, corporate parties and so on. As mentioned above though, today’s blog will be largely wedding-focused and in particular, weddings that are held on holidays. With that in mind, let’s hop right into another wedding blog!

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Labor Day Weekend

Generally speaking, the most popular seasons for tying the knot are summer and early-fall. As such, wouldn’t it be fitting to start off this blog with a holiday that finds itself right in the midst of this busy wedding time? Being held on the first Monday in September, Labor Day Weekend presents a couple of enticing benefits for engaged couples. First off, being held in September typically presents fairly-favorable weather conditions. Yes, September can still undoubtedly get hot here in Texas and rain is always a possibility for outdoor weddings, but you can definitely do worse than the weather in September! Secondly, most of your guests will likely be enjoying a three-day weekend, which presents you a unique opportunity in that they’ll likely have Monday off of work. For this reason alone, we often find the Sunday before Labor Day to be quite popular!

Memorial Day Weekend

Unsurprisingly, our next popular wedding holiday follows a similar theme as Labor Day Weekend, but just during a different time of the year. As mentioned above, summer through early-fall tends to be most popular for weddings. And while Labor Day Weekend is more of that time right in-between summer and fall, Memorial Day Weekend is often thought of as the start of summer. The weather here in Texas will definitely be a little warm, but nothing that we’re not familiar with. In addition, just as we talked about with Labor Day, Memorial Day Weekend also provides the three-day weekend that gives you plenty of flexibility on wedding day festivities. Thus, when it’s all said and done, the Sunday before Memorial Day has always been a hot time for weddings too!


October 31st might not be the first day you would think of when it comes to getting married on a holiday, but it’s certainly one worth considering! While we won’t have a weekend Halloween for a few years, there’s no shame in talking about how awesome a Halloween wedding can be! For one, the weather should be just right and you’ll be able to capitalize on the stunning fall colors. And to add to it, you’ll also be able to make slight gestures to the spooky season throughout (without going overboard). This may include some moody decor and plenty of candlelight. It could be some Halloween-themed props in the photo booth. In the end, the one thing you’ll want to keep in mind for a Halloween wedding is to avoid trying to make it too spooky and over-the-top with Halloween decorations. You want your wedding day to be memorable, but for the right reasons!

Other Popular Holidays

We could easily walk through all of the various holidays, and discuss the pros and cons associated with each, but felt it would be most beneficial for this blog post to highlight just a few and then discuss a handful of added caveats (listed below). In addition to the holidays mentioned above, a few other possibilities include Cinco de Mayo, Valentine’s Day (unsurprisingly, also extremely popular for engagements), New Year’s Eve, 4th of July and the Saturday before Columbus Day.

What to Keep in Mind Prior to Booking Your Wedding on a Holiday

When it comes to holding your wedding on a holiday, there are definitely a few things you’ll want to consider before locking in the date for your big day. Here are a few that instantly come to mind:

Travel Costs – Are you planning on having a destination wedding or even just one where a lot of your guests will have to travel? If so, for certain holidays, that could be something you’ll need to take into account. For example, if it’s a holiday like Memorial Day where a lot of people are traveling for vacation, could that lead to more expensive airfare/hotel accommodations? 

Attendance – For your big day, you’re obviously going to want everyone you invite to be able to attend, right? Well, depending on how much notice they receive for your wedding festivities, they may or may not already have plans booked on the calendar. Keep this in mind, especially if it’s a holiday that you know is already busy for friends/family. 

Major Holidays – It’s safe to say that some holidays are more popular for weddings than others. As an engaged couple planning your special day, it’s important to remember that. What I’m referring to here is that on some of the major holidays (such as Christmas or Thanksgiving), many people have traditions with their families that they do every single year. While you can definitely get married during the holiday season (the weekdays leading up to Thanksgiving are a possibility), tying the knot on the exact date of a major holiday can lead to lower attendance numbers.

Ready to Get Started With Wedding Planning?

So…what do you think? Have you ever considered planning your nuptials for a holiday? From Cinco de Mayo to Memorial Day Weekend and so on, there’s no denying that wedding celebrations CAN be held on a holiday! We hope you enjoyed this quick glimpse of a few holiday-themed weddings, as well as what you should be considering when doing so. As briefly mentioned in the opening paragraphs, our venue, Madera Estates, specializes in hosting weddings in Conroe, TX. Located close by North Houston and The Woodlands, we absolutely love working with couples to make every single detail of their big day just right! If you’re interested in checking out some more photos from our wedding venue, you’re more than welcome to take a peek at the Gallery page on our website. In addition, our online booking calendar is also live on our website for anyone looking to see the venue in-person. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with a member of our team, see the various spaces included and discuss availability/pricing. Happy Wedding Planning!