How Does the Season Impact Wedding Days?

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When it comes to planning your wedding day, what do you think are the first tasks you’ll complete in the planning process? Maybe it’s celebrating the exciting news with your family and friends at an engagement party? How about getting a budget set, so you know who’s paying for what and how much you should allocate for certain vendors? Here’s an obvious one: you need to decide on an actual date for the celebration, right? With that being said, we can now discuss the topic of this week’s blog post.

As you can likely guess, the season (and specific date) you select for your wedding day can impact several aspects of your big day. Picking more popular dates (like a Saturday in the fall) can mean you’ll need to finalize vendors further in-advance. Certain seasons may increase the potential of the weather outside throwing some curveballs that would require a contingency plan. Before we start going over some of our favorite tips for deciding on the perfect season for your wedding celebration, we would like to give a welcome to anyone that may be stopping by our blog for the first time. Madera Estates is a luxury wedding venue and event space in Conroe, TX. Located just north of Houston and The Woodlands, we utilize our wedding blog as a resource for couples currently planning their big day. From tips for a seamless planning process to photos from past weddings at Madera Estates, you’re welcome to click HERE to check out the complete blog.

Fall Weddings

To put it simply, the fall season tends to be quite popular for weddings. First and foremost, one of the main things couples like about fall weddings is the weather conditions. While we’re certainly used to warm weather here in Texas, it does cool down a little bit in the fall months (in comparison to the summer). These ideal weather conditions in the fall is a trend across many geographic regions around the US. Another added benefit that’s only available in the fall season is the beautiful picture-perfect scenery. With the leaves changing colors outside and the stunning color palettes available for decor, you’ll love how the photos turn out!

On the flip side, while there’s definitely plenty of reasons why the fall is so popular, that also means venues and vendors can book up quite a few months (or even over a year) in-advance. With that in mind, if you have your heart set on a Saturday in the fall, it would likely be a good idea to book your favorite vendors early on to ensure they’re available.

Winter Weddings

The next season we’ll discuss is the winter. In regards to a winter celebration, it’s important to take into account where the wedding will be held. If you live somewhere that has extremely frigid winter weather or heavy snowfall, a winter wedding could impact things like transportation and having an outdoor ceremony. On the other hand, if you live in a warmer weather climate (such as the Houston area), you will likely have a little more flexibility in terms of holding your wedding during a cold weather month. However, while we just mentioned fall weddings present more competition in booking your favorite vendors, the winter may actually allow you to get popular vendors at a discounted rate for dates they aren’t as busy for. Another variable worth considering are the holidays throughout the winter season, including Christmas and New Year’s. These may impact whether or not your guests are able to attend due to prior commitments, as well as travel concerns for any out-of-town guests.

Planning on an outdoor wedding, but also concerned with winter weather causing some issues? As we all know, weather can be unpredictable and when you’re scheduling an event months in-advance, it’s impossible to know what the weather will be like on that particular date. As such, it wouldn’t hurt to inquire about any back-up plans available, such as moving an outdoor ceremony inside. Another factor worth taking into consideration is the fact that there’s less daylight in the evening hours, so you’ll want to plan accordingly for the ceremony, photos and so on!

Spring Weddings

Next on our list is the spring season. Like with the fall, the spring resides in that sweet spot between the cold winter and warm summer. In terms of color palettes, you can go with pinks, light blues or spring pastel colors that will surely pop in the photos. One other element behind spring weddings that you have to mention is the beautiful floral arrangements couples can pick from! Tulips, hydrangeas, peonies, the list goes on. Simply put, you’ll have no trouble creating something that you absolutely LOVE! Another advantage of spring weddings is the ability for a greater percentage of your guests to be available to attend, as you won’t have to worry about friends or family having summer vacations planned.

As we’ve mentioned a couple of times already, it’s important to also note that the spring season can certainly be a rainy one. Having said that, make sure your venue has a plan for how to proceed if an outdoor ceremony or reception isn’t a possibility.

Summer Weddings

Last, but certainly not least, let’s take a minute to take a look at summer weddings. An obvious advantage to a summer wedding is the increased amount of daylight available. In contrast to what we mentioned with the winter season, you’ll have plenty of daylight in the early evening hours for an outdoor wedding ceremony. Likewise, on the topic of daylight, you’ll also want to make sure to incorporate some golden hour photos as well! Trust us, they always turn out awesome and will certainly be ones that you’ll want to share on social media. Another element tied to summer weddings that’s impossible to ignore is the bright color palettes associated with the summer season. These will not only look great with the decor and dresses you select, but also the floral arrangements that will be scattered throughout the venue.

Before we wrap up this blog post, one final point we wanted to mention is how it can be useful to select a venue that has both an outdoor and indoor space available. For one, this gives the couple a back-up plan in the event that there’s a weather issue which makes it difficult to still have an outdoor ceremony. In addition to that though, a summer wedding also provides the opportunity to get a break from the heat and enjoy the reception inside. Not to mention, once the sun goes down, you can head back outside for a final dance under the stars, a fireworks display or even a sparkler send-off. All tremendous components for a memorable wedding celebration!

Year-Round Weddings at Madera Estates

Having worked with hundreds of couples over the years, we can safely say that wedding celebrations are amazing, no matter what month they take place in. Yes, there are certain months/seasons that present unique advantages which can’t be replicated in other months (such as the natural scenery in the backdrop of photos). Nonetheless, you can’t deny it’s the uniqueness each season possesses that is truly amazing!

Currently planning your wedding day near the Houston area? If so, we would love to show you around our venue, Madera Estates. To check out our online booking calendar and select a time that works best for you, feel free to click the link HERE. We look forward to learning more about what you have envisioned for your special day!