Local & Out-of-State Bachelor Party Ideas to Keep in Mind

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It goes without saying that bachelor and bachelorette parties have long been a traditional component of the entire wedding celebration process. While the actual term “bachelor party” is said to have first been introduced in the 1920’s, the actual concept of a bachelor party actually dates back much further than that! However, I’m going to assume that you didn’t stop by our blog for a history lesson, right? As we often do on the blog, we love providing tips on many different aspects of the wedding planning process. Whether that be in regards to selecting the perfect catering company, what to ask when touring venues or yes, even tips on bachelor/bachelorette parties, you can find a little bit of everything here.

Having said all of that, you can probably guess what the topic of this week’s blog will be. We’re going to break down a few different local and out-of-state bachelor party ideas. And of course, these will all be ones that your soon-to-be wife will approve of as well! Nonetheless, no matter if you’re the best man looking for some ideas to consider for planning out the weekend or even a groom that wouldn’t mind tossing some ideas out there, this blog is for you! Let’s hop right into some bachelor party ideas!

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Sports Fans?

If the groom is passionate about his favorite local sports teams, that could easily be a great element to implement into the weekend. Depending on the season in which the bachelor party will be held, those in Houston could possibly get tickets to an Astros or Texans game. Planning on traveling out-of-state for the bachelor party weekend? Chances are you can find a professional sports team in many major cities and still have that be a part of the celebration. Even Las Vegas has pro sports teams now with the Raiders and the Golden Knights. Long story short, for any groom that’s a true sports fanatic, you can’t go wrong with having a game or two be included in the festivities.

Add Some Thrill to the Weekend

Does the groom have a knack for living on the edge and maybe experiencing a little thrill in their lives? If so, you’ll have no trouble checking those boxes with some fun, unforgettable and (for some people) potentially scary activities. Granted, there are two variables you’ll want to consider with many of these. First, gauge the opinions on everyone that’ll be attending the bachelor party weekend. Truth be told, activities like skydiving aren’t everyone’s cup of tea. If this is the case, you might want to head back to the drawing board and do something a little more subtle. Second, take into account the costs associated with the various thrill-seeking activities. Some of these, especially if they’re out-of-state and require traveling, can be a tad bit expensive. For those where this is true, it might be a smart move to look local.

In any case, you came to our blog post for actual bachelor party ideas and if the groom enjoys a true thrill, we have ideas for you. Here are a few worth considering: skydiving, bungee jumping, hang gliding, rock climbing and so on! Your soon-to-be wife may or may not love all of these ideas, but it’s safe to say you might be able to check off some bucket list items too!

Take Advantage of Houston’s Many Bars

How about ideas for the groom that enjoys the nightlife scene? If so, Houston certainly has no shortage of bars and clubs that you can visit. Add the other attendees in a group chat and start brainstorming some of your favorite spots to add to this list. And don’t forget to take into account transportation either! Whether that be in the form of a party bus or just using Uber’s, that is another element worth taking into consideration.

Fun Local Spots

Our next point is definitely something that can be applied to any city in which the bachelor party will be held. Since our wedding venue is located close to Houston, we’ll touch on a few spots that are available here in town, but any major city is going to have plenty of unique opportunities for fun without requiring too much commuting. 

Topgolf: If you’ve never visited a Topgolf location before, it is definitely something worth trying out. Essentially, it brings a fun, social aspect to playing golf. To sum it up, you don’t have to be hitting the links every week to enjoy it! Topgolf has become quite popular over the years and now you can find them throughout the entire United States and even in some international locations. For those planning a bachelor party nearby Houston, there are three locations that you could add to the weekend’s itinerary.

Axe Throwing: Going hand-in-hand with Topgolf, axe throwing has also quickly become a fun activity for a wide range of events. Whether that be company parties, birthday celebrations or even bachelor parties, this can be a great component for one of the evenings in the bachelor party weekend. Thanks to Houston being a bigger city, you’ll notice there are more than a few axe throwing spots around town too! Just Google “axe throwing Houston” and you’ll easily be able to find one that’s close by where you’re staying.

Escape Rooms: Next on the list of activities that have become a hit in many cities around the US, we have escape rooms! While each of the two above had some form of physical ability intertwined, escape rooms will require a little more thinking! It’s definitely an affordable thing to do and Houston has a number of different types of escape rooms, so you and your buddies can browse around before deciding which one looks the most intriguing!

Play a Round of Golf

Does the groom enjoy spending his Saturday’s on the golf course? If that happens to be the case, you can’t go wrong with getting a round of golf in. This is another example of something that isn’t restricted by the location where you’re hosting the bachelor party. As long as you’re not going to some remote area, you’ll be able to find a nearby golf course and get a tee time scheduled. Better yet, if you are doing an out-of-state bachelor party weekend, this could be the perfect opportunity to try out a new course! 

Still Need a Wedding Venue?

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