Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Tips

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When you think about your dream wedding day, what comes to mind first? Is it the stunning floral arrangements that will be placed throughout the venue on your big day? How about a picture-perfect backdrop serving as the background of your stunning wedding photos? Long story short, there are so many individual components that will only add to the magic of your special day! As you and your partner go through the wedding planning process, you’ll have the opportunity to carefully select each of these specific details. From building your dream team of wedding vendors to crafting your final send-off and everything in-between, you’ll have an absolute blast throughout the entire journey.

In this week’s blog post, we’ll be discussing a decision that every couple will have to make and that is in regards to the venue itself. As you likely already know, touring and ultimately booking a wedding venue is a big task that you’ll complete early on in the planning process. I want to emphasize the word “early” because it’s not something that you want to procrastinate on. Dates can get booked up quickly (especially for popular wedding dates/seasons), so you’ll want to highlight this one! Nonetheless, there are several factors that will play a role in your venue decision, including price point, style, space, availability and packages offered. In terms of style, one thing couples will need to decide on is whether they want the ceremony to be held indoors or outdoors. Both have their own unique advantages and throughout this week’s blog post, we’ll provide some tips for those leaning towards an outdoor wedding ceremony.

Have a Plan for Weather Issues

The first thing we wanted to highlight with an outdoor ceremony is the importance of having a contingency plan for weather-related issues. Considering you may be booking your wedding months (or over a year) in-advance, it’s impossible to predict what the weather will be like on a specific day. Yes, you can make an educated guess based on the time of the year or location of the venue, but there’s no way to know for sure. With that being the case, a back-up plan is the perfect way to provide yourself with the peace of mind that everything will still be fine (even if there is rain on the forecast). So…what does a back-up plan look like and how can you solidify this during the venue selection process? Well, first off, this is definitely a question you would want to bring up during your venue tour to learn how the particular venue handles any curveballs that the weather may throw!

In terms of our venue, Madera Estates, we have both an outdoor space (in front of the Grand Fireplace) and an indoor space (the Hacienda). If weather conditions were to prevent an outdoor ceremony from taking place, then the Hacienda is more than capable of handling a ceremony too. Having this sort of flexibility can certainly help alleviate some potential worry if you were to see rain on the forecast as your wedding day approaches!

Consider a Twilight Ceremony

When we say there are no shortage of possibilities when planning a wedding nowadays, we mean it! Just browse through popular wedding hashtags on Instagram and I’m sure you’ll have more than a few ideas in no time. Having said that, one idea worth taking into consideration is a twilight ceremony. You can utilize candlelight or lighting features to create an elegant experience. You can incorporate a firework display at the conclusion of the ceremony for a moment you’ll never forget (and some breathtaking photos too). To sum it up, if you’re already planning on having an outdoor ceremony, it would certainly be worth looking further into a twilight ceremony!

Evaluate the Backdrops

As you tour potential venues, there are a number of things that will factor into your decision. We highlighted several of these in the opening section. While you’re touring venues though, it can’t be understated the significant role that appearance will play in your final decision. Particularly for an outdoor ceremony, you’re going to want to carefully evaluate the surrounding scenery since it will inevitably find its way into plenty of your wedding day photos. To take it one step further, it wouldn’t hurt to also consider if there are other locations around the property for photo opportunities. Whether that just be of the couple, wedding party, formal photos with family or anything else, having stunning backdrops is definitely a plus!

Think About Your Guests

Without a doubt, your guests play a big role in your wedding celebration. After all, everyone wants those closest to them in-attendance as they say their “I Do’s” to their partner, right? Having said that, you’ll want them to be comfortable during the ceremony too and with the ceremony taking place outside, there are a few things you can do to ensure this is the case. Make sure they’re informed that the wedding ceremony will take place outdoors, so there are no surprises when they arrive. If there is a possibility for warm weather, think about potentially purchasing some hand fans for guests to use before the ceremony. These can even be customized as well! Going hand-in-hand with the warm weather, another idea would be to have bottles of water available to guests beforehand too. All in all, there are so many unique aspects of outdoor wedding ceremonies that are extremely tough to replicate, but you’ll also want to make sure everyone is comfortable as they celebrate your big day!

Location for Reception?

While this blog post has largely been centered around tips for an outdoor wedding ceremony, couples will also need to consider where the reception will be held too. If your venue has an indoor space as well, there’s an easy answer to that question, as you can simply head indoors to celebrate with friends and family at the reception. In any case, this is a good question worth asking during the venue tours to determine whether there’s a separate space for the reception or if the outdoor area can be dual-purposed for both the ceremony and reception.

Another idea we wanted to mention as we wrap up this blog post is for venues where there is an outdoor and indoor space available. For these scenarios, you may want to consider the possibility of revisiting the outdoor area (later on in the evening) for a final dance under the stars and a sparkler send-off. Both are popular components that many of our couples opt to incorporate into their own weddings.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony in Conroe, TX

Do you have a preference between holding your wedding ceremony indoors or outdoors? It’s tough to go wrong with either and sometimes the weather even forces your decision. Throughout this week’s blog post, we walked through a few tips for those planning on having an outdoor ceremony. Here at Madera Estates, we have numerous outdoor weddings over the course of the year and a popular set-up is having the ceremony in front of the Grand Fireplace before heading indoors for the reception. Keep in mind that these can easily be flipped too depending on your preferred set-up (indoor ceremony and outdoor reception).

If you’re looking for a venue near Houston that can accommodate an outdoor ceremony, we would be happy to show you around our venue! Located in Conroe, TX, our team has had the opportunity to host hundreds of weddings over the years and always enjoy working with engaged couples as they plan their special day. To learn more about our venue, you’re welcome to request a copy of our Investment Guide HERE.