Hiring a Professional Makeup Artist?

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Having hosted hundreds of weddings at Madera Estates, we’ve seen our fair share of makeup professionals arrive to do what they do best! After all, it’s your big day and you definitely want your hair and makeup to look perfect! For obvious reasons, other items like your wedding dress will be higher on your list of priorities, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the makeup. 

So, you’re faced with two options. (1) You can do it yourself. You do this every other day, so why not do the same for your wedding day? Well, there’s some pros and cons to this statement that we’ll address later on. (2) You can hire a professional. Doing your makeup on your wedding day is no joke, it can be tough! It may seem rather minimal compared to the other major elements of your big day, but a professional definitely provides plenty of advantages.

With this said, let’s take a deeper look into how a professional makeup artist can make your wedding that much more amazing, as well as some pro tips to make sure it doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

Pros of Hiring a Pro!

1. Working With Tight Deadlines
You’re used to knocking out your hair and makeup each morning. You’ve probably even got a routine nailed down so it feels like second nature. It’s important to keep in mind that doing all of this on your wedding morning is another animal. All of your bridesmaids and some family members are chatting with you the entire time. In the back of your head, you’re still thinking about the logistics with all of your vendors (even though this may already be taken care of, it’s still taking going to be there). How do professional makeup artists handle all this pressure and the strict deadlines? It’s simple, they do this stuff all day, every day. For this reason alone, I think most brides would agree with me in saying that a professional makeup artist is worth the money!

2. Understanding Photography
It may sound cliche, but a major reason behind having professional makeup is so it will photograph well. On your wedding day, there will likely be hundreds, if not thousands, of photographs taken of you. Particularly when you hire an experienced makeup artist, they’re going to know what photographs best. At the moment, it isn’t uncommon for brides to even think there’s too much makeup. It’s different from what you’re used to, so make sure to not have a panic attack right away! Professional makeup artists know the amount that will set in appropriately and be looking like perfection when it comes time for photos. When it comes down to it, the professionals will know how to enhance various features and to apply enough product that looks great without giving off a clownish look.

3. Create Your Vision
In a similar fashion to how we operate as a wedding venue, every single vendor that you work with should have a similar goal in mind: to turn your wedding vision into a reality. Whether that be some inspiration you’ve spotted on Pinterest or even something you saw on the red carpet, a professional makeup artist is going to know how to replicate this vision. Maybe it’s that smoky eye look that an amateur makeup artist can’t accomplish or any other vision that take some serious makeup experience. A professional can recreate these looks consistently with an attention detail, thus adding another reason why it makes sense for your wedding day.

What Should You Look Out For?

1. Background Information
Trying to determine whether a makeup artist is a good fit for your wedding is not that much different from deciding which landscaping company to hire. In today’s digital age, nearly every top-notch makeup artist is going to have their own brand built online. With this, you’ll want to examine a few different areas. Check their reviews. Take a look in various locations, such as Google, Facebook and The Knot. In addition to this, don’t just look at the number of reviews, but rather the quality. Did their previous clients love the entire experience? Most artists that have been doing this for awhile will also probably have one or two negative reviews. Unfortunately, this is just the nature of doing business! Nonetheless, see why the individual was so dissatisfied. Chances are it might not even be one of that artist’s clients, but rather a prospect that went with someone else!

While we’re on the topic of background information, don’t just stop at their testimonials. Take a look through their website and social media feeds. In particular, Instagram is a great source where most professional makeup artists put their work on full display. If you read our blog post about choosing a venue, you know that every single wedding has an aesthetic. Every single bride and groom has a vision or theme that they’re trying to create. As with every other vendor, you’re going to also want a hair and makeup artist that can fit your vision.

2. Practice Run-Through
We’ve heard plenty of brides ask, “Is it absolutely necessary to do a hair and makeup trial run?” To ensure the entire wedding day goes smoothly, we often answer “YES!” Our motto here is to give everyone the peace of mind that there will be no surprises on your big day! I’m guessing you’re probably planning on doing a rehearsal the night before and trying on your wedding dress more than once, right? Well, there’s no reason to do anything different when it comes to hair and makeup. A trial run is the perfect opportunity for you to truly understand your artists style and personality. It will provide a sense of confidence that everyone is on the same page. Both parties will know how long everything takes and your schedule will be set in stone.

3. Flexibility
Going right along with the concept of replicating looks, you’ll want an artist that has the flexibility in their skillset to do what you want. Occasionally, you’ll see a makeup artist that simply does what they think looks best and the end result is something the bride isn’t as pleased with! Most of these variables should be discussed either in the trial run or the initial consultation, but your makeup artist should still be prepared for anything that may pop up on your wedding morning!

Getting Your Hair and Makeup Done at Madera!

Being located in Conroe, TX near the Woodlands and Houston, there’s certainly no shortage of vendors when it comes to the wedding industry. From catering companies to florist to hair and makeup artists, the number of options can even seem a little bit overwhelming. While we let the bride and groom ultimately decide who they work with for many of these categories, we’ve also seen many of these local vendors do their jobs in-person. We’ve seen who has left their clients completely satisfied and who has increased the stress level as the hours tick down before a wedding.

When you work with Madera in Conroe, TX, we can provide recommendations on who could be the best fit for your wedding. Whether that means who fits within your budget best or who is going to have the best skillset to recreate the vision you’re envisioning. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (936) 441-9337 to learn more about Madera Estates!