Should You Get an All Inclusive Wedding Package?

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When we talk about wedding planning, there’s one word that we mention quite frequently and that is “stress-free.” The wedding planning experience should be an enjoyable and memorable one, right? The last thing you need to be doing is worrying about countless items in the months leading up to your big day! As you can likely guess, a major factor in ensuring that everything remains stress-free throughout the wedding planning stages is going to be hiring a reliable and professional team of wedding vendors. They’ll undoubtedly serve a major role in the big day itself and as such, you’ll want to make sure that you have the perfect team assembled.

That leads us into the topic of this week’s blog post: the value in choosing an all inclusive wedding package. Over the years, our team at Madera Estates has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of couples as they plan their special day. From the initial venue tours all the way through the final send-offs on the wedding days, we can confidently say that we LOVE working in the wedding industry. So…as we just mentioned above, the question that we’ll be answering today is: should you get an all inclusive wedding package? Every wedding is unique, so we can’t say there is one answer that works for everyone, but there are certainly plenty of advantages behind these wedding packages that it is worth at least looking into them. Let’s discuss why this is the case!

What is an “All-Inclusive Wedding Package?”

First and foremost, let’s talk about what exactly an all inclusive wedding package is. Unsurprisingly, an all inclusive wedding package is essentially what it sounds like. These wedding packages allow a couple to book more of their vendors all at once. Pretty straightforward, right? So…why are these packages so popular amongst engaged couples? Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons!

Less Stress

Without a doubt, one of the most notable advantages of all inclusive wedding packages is their ability to limit the amount of stress. When you begin the wedding planning process, some of the biggest decisions that you’ll make will involve the vendor selections. Your vendors will serve a huge role in your big day and with that being the case, you want to make sure their services are top-notch. Furthermore, if you live in a bigger market (such as Houston), you’ll notice there are no shortage of vendors to consider. From photographers and florists to caterers and so on, you’ll notice the list of options is fairly lengthy. Why stress about the potentially overwhelming number of vendors when you can simply have that taken care of when you book your venue? Not to mention, the quality of these services should be exceptional too!

With that all being said, our first advantage of an all inclusive wedding package is the fact that they’ll almost definitely result in less stress throughout the wedding planning process.

Professional Services

When it comes to wedding vendors, you’re going to want wedding professionals that are not only easy to get along with, but also ones that follow through on what they promise. After all, working a wedding is one of those events where you have one opportunity to knock it out of the park and avoid forgetting any important details. By going with an all inclusive wedding package, the venue will have already done the homework needed and you won’t have to worry about a particular service provider not following through on what they promised. As for you and your partner, this will simply help give you the peace of mind that everything is going to be simply magical! Trust us, having a team of reliable vendors is going to be well worth the investment in ensuring everything is exactly what you have envisioned for the big day.

Saves Time

Between the workweek and your personal life, it’s safe to say that our weeks can get filled up pretty quickly, right? With this in mind, it’s fair to also say that planning a wedding can require a serious time commitment too. From the beginning stages where you’re looking to establish a budget, to the vendor selection process and even just finalizing your guest list, there’s quite a bit that goes into planning a wedding. As evidenced above, the one thing you want to avoid throughout all of this is stress! Well, if you’re running low on time and trying to cram a bunch of stuff into the week, it can easily transform into a stressful situation.

How can an all inclusive wedding package resolve this? The answer is about as straightforward as they come. One wedding planning activity, in particular, that can occupy a decent amount of time is going to be the vendor selections. We’ve mentioned on numerous occasions just how big of a role your vendors will play and building your dream team of vendors will be crucial. Well…researching and scheduling meetings with local vendors is going to take some time and won’t be something you can complete in one evening. Even if your all inclusive wedding package doesn’t cover every single vendor (or gives you the opportunity to customize which vendors you include), it will undoubtedly give you a massive head start in the vendor selection journey.

Experience at that Venue

Would you agree that experience is a huge factor when evaluating potential vendors? If someone has been in the wedding industry for more than a few years and has worked at plenty of weddings in the past, that is definitely a plus! However, let’s take it one step further. Would you also say that having worked many weddings at a particular venue is even better? I’d say so! With an all inclusive wedding package, you should be getting exactly that! On your big day, the last thing you need to be worrying about is whether or not the caterer knows where to have everything set up or if the DJ is ready to go for the grand entrance. Those should be taken care of without you having to manage it! All in all, general experience is always a good barometer to use when evaluating vendors, but experience at the venue that you’ve booked is just another boost of confidence!

Customize Your All Inclusive Wedding Package at Madera Estates

Here at Madera Estates, we understand that every wedding celebration is unique and every couple has a vision in mind for their special day. Likewise, we also understand that the venue selections are a major aspect in the planning process and one that you should put careful thought into. With that all being said, we know how beneficial it can be to have the ability to customize an all inclusive wedding package for your big day. This not only will allow you to craft various elements of your special day, but it will also limit the potential for stress as you won’t have to browse through an overwhelming amount of wedding vendors.

Interested in learning more about getting an all inclusive wedding package at Madera Estates for your big day? While the total package price is going to be dependent on factors such as guest count, date and services provided, there are definitely advantages to choosing an all inclusive wedding package! We can walk you through the various options available and you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream wedding. Click HERE to request a copy of our Investment Guide to get started!