Should You Have a Groom’s Cake at Your Wedding?

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Photos on the blog post thumbnail courtesy of Evoke Photography and Video. The Yoda cake was made by Cakes by Gina. Flowers by The Blooming Idea.

If you’re currently in the process of planning your wedding, you’re likely to be well aware of the statement I’m about to make. Vendors are a huge part of wedding planning and the actual wedding day itself. After all, just think about some of the vendors who will be involved in your special day. You’ll want a catering company capable of creating delicious food that your guests will absolutely love! You’ll need a photographer with the ability to capture every single moment of this memorable day! A DJ or live music is a must to keep the dance floor packed all night long! All in all, vendors play a big role in many areas throughout your wedding celebration.

With that all being said, it’s certainly safe to say that they’re a frequent topic of discussion here on our blog. Thanks to the important job they play in the full celebration, we always like to provide advice on picking out talented and reliable vendors for your big day. This week’s blog post will follow a similar theme, as we’ll be focusing on one of the dessert elements. When it comes to traditions in the wedding world, there’s no denying that wedding cake is one of the oldest traditions out there. Yes, the exact designs and customizations available with modern day wedding cakes have evolved immensely, but the idea of the wedding cake has been around for quite some time. Furthermore, dessert tables have also grown in popularity as another option for couples that might not be huge cake fans. Today, we’ll stay with the cake theme and take a deeper look at the groom’s cakes. While they’re not a component included at every wedding, they are undoubtedly popular in their own right.

What is a groom’s cake?

Since we just mentioned the idea of “wedding traditions” above, it’s important to mention that groom’s cakes have been around for a while too. In addition, as we also alluded to above, this is a component that you won’t find at every single wedding. Nonetheless, they are something fun to incorporate into your celebration. So…if you’re unfamiliar with the idea of a groom’s cake, let’s first answer the question of what exactly a groom’s cake actually is.

A groom’s cake is simply a secondary cake designed around the groom’s interests or hobbies. While your main wedding cake may be more traditional and formal, the groom’s cake is a good place to tie in a little creativity. In terms of the actual theme for this groom’s cake, there are plenty of options to consider and we’ll provide a few ideas worth keeping in mind down below. Nonetheless, there are many ways in which you can go about planning this element. Some of the time, the bride does all of the planning (or has help from family/friends) and it’s a surprise to the groom on their wedding day. Other times, the groom is also involved in the process (or takes the lead) and they arrive at the final design that way. In any case, just as can be said about various other aspects of the wedding planning process, there are plenty of ways to make the groom’s cake unique.

What are some popular or common themes that couples use for their groom’s cake?

Considering the core premise behind a groom’s cake is designing it around the groom’s interests or hobbies, there is certainly no shortage of possibilities worth taking into consideration. Being a wedding venue that has worked with hundreds of couples tying the knot, we’ve been lucky enough to have witnessed numerous groom’s cakes over the years and have definitely seen some amazing desserts! Here are some themes/elements you may want to remember!

Favorite Sports Team – This is obviously a common one for the groom that loves to cheer on his favorite team. As a wedding venue located just north of Houston, the Texans and Astros would certainly be a great idea! No matter what team they’re a fan of, this is always a neat one to see at weddings.

Alma Mater – Did you meet your partner while in college? Is the groom passionate about where he went to school? Does he watch every football game from his alma mater? If the answer is “YES” to any of those questions, you may want to design something around that university. Being here in the Houston area, there are clearly plenty of alums from both local schools and out-of-state ones.

Hobbies/Interests – While sports/universities are always popular, yet another theme that has a nearly endless number of options would be any specific hobbies of the groom. Does he enjoy distance running or lifting weights? How about skiing or snowboarding? Does he have a favorite movie series or TV show? How about being someone that spends their free time playing some golf? All in all, coming up with ideas for the groom’s cake should be fairly easy!

Flavors – One final piece of groom’s cakes that we would like to discuss (which certainly is an important part of the selection process) will be the actual flavor of cake. This is an example of a variable that will likely come down to personal preference, but also something that you’ll want to taste-test a few different options (just as you would with the main cake). Furthermore, as has been a common talking point throughout this blog post thus far, it’s not uncommon to just go with a favorite flavor of the groom. That could mean going with something basic like vanilla, chocolate or red velvet. It could influence the design of the actual cake by incorporating tasty treats like a particular candy. To sum it up, you have plenty of options at your disposal.

Considering everyone has different hobbies, interests, and personalities, it should come as no surprise that every groom’s cake can have a unique element to it! We listed out a few options here, but the key will ultimately be to figure out a theme and then find someone capable of bringing that idea to life!

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What do you think? Desserts are clearly a big part of the wedding planning process. Whether you stick with the traditional white wedding cake, go with something more customized in terms of design/flavors, or simply have a dessert table, there are plenty of tasty treats to choose from for your wedding celebration. As evidenced throughout this blog post, another idea worth considering is the groom’s cake. No matter if it’s served at the rehearsal dinner or the wedding day itself, the groom’s cake is the perfect opportunity to add in a little creativity. We highlighted a few possibilities above, but in the end, the actual theme for your groom’s cake will solely come down to the groom’s personal interests or hobbies!

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