Social Media and Weddings: What You Need to Know!

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As if it hasn’t already impacted so many different aspects of our daily lives, it’s safe to say that social media has influenced the wedding world in more ways than one. After all, before platforms like Facebook and Instagram hit center stage, the traditional wedding experience definitely didn’t look quite like it does today. With years of experience running a wedding venue though, we’ve witnessed many of these shifts first-hand. That being said, today’s blog post is going to take an inside look at the impact social media has had on weddings as a whole. We’ll touch on some tips for how you can utilize it in planning your own wedding day, as well as general information of how the wedding industry has changed as a result of social media’s growth!

Before taking a closer look at this though, we would like to welcome any new website visitors to Madera Estates. As a luxury wedding venue and event space in Conroe, TX, our primary goal since day one has been to make dream weddings come to life. After all, just look at the first banner you see on our website homepage. 

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We understand every couple has a unique vision for their big day and are here to make that a reality! It’s as simple as that! Thanks again for stopping by our blog; let’s now talk about social media and weddings.

Wedding Day Inspiration

Considering just how many components encompass the wedding planning process, it can very well seem a little overwhelming making sure you have everything covered. Whether that be booking vendors, planning out decor or anything else, there can be plenty of items you’ll need to take care of before the big day comes around. Nonetheless, it can be difficult to come up with a tangible vision for each of these different elements. Having said that, one of the biggest benefits social media has provided to the wedding industry has revolved around inspiration.

While wedding websites and magazines once controlled this entire field, there’s no denying that Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook have carved out a solid market share in recent years. A few perfect examples that you might consider include:

  • Browsing Through Pinterest Boards – Anyone that’s searched for wedding inspiration on Pinterest knows there’s no shortage of ideas, which makes it the absolute perfect place to start if you’re in the planning stages. A good strategy is to make separate boards for the different components and gradually pin items of various styles that you’d like to see implemented for your big day. Wedding venues, floral arrangements, favors for guests, decor, you name it!
  • Instagram Hashtags – Struggling to come up with unique ideas for your wedding day? Have you tried searching through popular hashtags on Instagram and seeing what other couples are doing for their weddings? It’s a terrific research tool and can help with not only the captions/posts you personally put out on social media, but also researching ideas for the various vendors you’ll be working with. Keep in mind that Instagram can also be great for checking out past work for any vendors you’re considering. Simply put, Instagram is becoming more and more important for just about everyone involved in the wedding industry!

Making Your Own Wedding Hashtag

Going hand-in-hand with the topic that we just referenced, I’m sure you’re well aware of how popular personalized wedding hashtags have become for individual weddings in recent years. Chances are your guests may be posting some photos on social media in the days/weeks following the wedding, so if you have a unique hashtag you’ll be using, this can be a terrific way to compile all of those photos in one place on Instagram. Think of it like a personalized wedding album from your special day! Having said that, when it comes to creating the actual hashtag, that may take some creativity. Feel free to enlist the help of family and friends to see if anyone can come up with something witty!

Posts by Newly-Engaged and Newlyweds

Is there a better platform to announce exciting news than Facebook or Instagram? Back in the day, you may have had to spend quite a bit of time calling friends and family to spread the word about your engagement, wedding day information and so on, but that can all be done much easier with the help of social media. Once you get engaged, you and your fiance may post a ring selfie or other photos from the actual engagement. Likewise, as mentioned above, in the days following your wedding day, there’ll be plenty of photos and stories popping up across social media. Long story short, social media has created the perfect platform for highlighting your big day, especially because you probably can’t invite every single friend/acquaintance to your wedding.

No Social Media?

While this entire blog post has highlighted using social media throughout the entire wedding experience, why not close it out with one about the absence of social media? Even though social media and technology offers so many benefits for planning and showcasing your big day, there’s no doubt that not every couple is going to be cool with incorporating it so heavily into their day. In fact, it’s not uncommon for some couples to have preferences in terms of their guests taking pictures, posting pictures or videos on social media, or anything else pertaining to the wedding day itself. In these situations, we encourage you to follow the rules set forth by the newlyweds. Remember, this is their big day, so if they would prefer to wait until the professional photos are completed by the photographer, listen to what their wishes are for the big day. 

And if you’re a couple wanting specific rules in terms of social media etiquette, make sure these are well displayed somewhere at the venue where all guests can see. It’s your special day, so feel free to craft every single aspect just how you wish!

Still Searching for your Dream Wedding Venue?

Here at Madera Estates, we’ve always loved utilizing social media as a way to highlight some of the awesome celebrations that take place at our venue. Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest, we enjoy providing a behind-the-scenes look of the various spaces in our venue, so engaged couples know exactly what to expect if they were to book their big day at Madera Estates. Not to mention, since each wedding is slightly unique, it can also be a quality source of inspiration for recently engaged couples.

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