Steer Clear of These 5 Wedding Budget Pitfalls

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As we’ve mentioned before, wedding planning can quickly become quite the project! After all, just consider the numerous decisions you’ll have to make in the months leading up to your big day. Due to the complexity of the process, this is one of the major reasons why we always stress organization and having a checklist or to-do list to utilize in an effort to stay on track. And of course, having an experienced wedding planner/coordinator will definitely help you do just that as well! Nonetheless, wouldn’t you agree that many of these wedding planning decisions will be impacted by money? It can dictate which vendors you select, where you tie the knot and even the time of year in which you get married. While it’s never the easiest of topics to discuss, it is definitely something you’ll have to go over with your spouse-to-be.

For those new to our blog, welcome to Madera Estates. We are a Texas-based wedding venue and a major theme throughout our wedding blog involves easy tips that any engaged couple can implement during their wedding planning experience. From knowing what to look for in a catering company to actual wedding day inspiration, we always strive to provide a wide range of content. As the opening paragraph alluded to, this week’s blog is going to largely be financially-focused. We’ll be discussing a handful of wedding budget mistakes that you’re going to want to avoid when planning your special day. 

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Pitfall #1: Not Having a Plan From the Start

Notice how we mentioned the phrase, “wedding planning,” quite a few times in that introduction? Well, when it comes to successful wedding planning, you’re obviously going to need to have a plan established, right? In addition to having a to-do list set for when you’ll complete various tasks, you’ll want to have a total budgetary number early on too. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily have to be an exact number, but it should represent pretty close to the total amount that you feel comfortable spending for the wedding celebration. And if anyone else will be paying for part of the ceremony/reception (for example, parents, relatives, etc), you should have an estimate of how much each party is willing to pay. Failure to get this set in stone early can result in some awkward conversations later on and most likely some unnecessary stress!

Pitfall #2: Not Staying Organized Throughout the Entire Process

Considering you both may have full-time jobs, could have kids, other social obligations, and so on, it can be difficult to carve out time to properly plan out your big day. This is especially the case if you’re trying to do it in a stress-free manner. Whenever you’re dealing with any sort of time crunch, these are the situations where it is so important to stay organized! And when it comes to the money-part of wedding planning, you’re going to want to make sure you stay on top of your spending. While it’s easy to just swipe the credit card, try to stay diligent in tracking your expenditures. This will not only keep everyone on the same page, but will also work wonders in staying within your budget. By the way, if you’re planning on paying for most of the bills with credit cards, don’t forget to capitalize on rewards cards either.

Pitfall #3: Not Prioritizing Your Must-Haves

While you obviously want every single aspect of your wedding day to be just right, it’s safe to say most couples are going to have certain items that are considered “must-haves.” Now these are certainly going to vary couple-to-couple, but it’s nonetheless important to get these out in the open early on, as well as the financial implications that come with them. Failure to do so can easily result in you having to settle on an item that may have been a must-have due to budget constraints.

What might be considered a wedding must-have? That’s a question you and your fiance will have to answer. For some, it’s a stunning wedding venue that you’ve followed on Instagram for years! For some, it’s live music and an awesome entertainment experience where you can truly dance the night away. For some, it’s delicious catering that your guests will be raving about for the weeks or even months that follow your celebration. The list of possibilities really is endless!

Pitfall #4: Forgetting About the Small Stuff

Budgeting for a full-scale wedding is going to include quite a few different components. So, even though it’s extremely important to have a plan from the get-go, you’re also going to want to make sure that you account for everything. The bulk of your budget is going to be wrapped up in the venue, catering, entertainment, photographer/videographer and florist. However, that’s far from a comprehensive list. Keep in mind there are a number of smaller charges that can quickly add up too, especially if you don’t budget for them. Think of items like wedding favors, invitations, save the dates, tips for wedding vendors and more.

Pitfall #5: Not Taking Your Time

While this isn’t the case with every single couple, many couples begin their wedding planning months or over a year in-advance. As such, while you certainly don’t want to wait too long to book certain vendors (as popular dates can get scooped up quickly), you also don’t have to necessarily be in a mad rush to get all of your vendors finalized. If you’re not completely sold on a photographer or caterer, you do have time to meet with other options. And especially for those living in bigger markets (such as Houston), you’ll have plenty of additional options at your disposal. Another reason why it’s important to not rush into vendor selections is so you’re well aware of exactly what is included in the packages you select. For instance, if you book with an all-inclusive wedding venue, what all does that include and what extra charges will you be responsible for? By doing the proper due diligence ahead of time, it can save you from getting yourself into some budget troubles later on.

Ready to Tour Wedding Venues?

Ready to start wedding planning? We hope you found some useful information in this blog on how to approach the financial-aspects of planning your big day. Money isn’t the easiest of topics to discuss, but the earlier you can bring it up, the better off you’ll be in the long run. 

Shortly after getting your budget established and date selected, you’ll likely start planning various wedding venue tours around town. This will undoubtedly be such a fun experience for you and your fiance. We briefly mentioned our wedding venue in the opening paragraphs, but just to provide a quick overview, Madera Estates is a luxury event space in Conroe, TX. Over the years, we’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to host hundreds of weddings and see so many amazing celebrations of love. If you’re currently searching for a wedding venue near the Houston area, we would be happy to show you around our venue. If you would like to go ahead and book a free tour of your venue, feel free to click HERE and check out our online booking calendar. In addition, you’re always welcome to take a peek at our Instagram or Facebook pages to see some past weddings held at Madera Estates.