3 Major Trends That Have Impacted the Wedding Industry

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It goes without saying that the wedding industry has witnessed its fair share of trends over the years. After all, wouldn’t you agree that some elements of a wedding day (and the planning process that precedes it) look much different now than they did even just 15-20 years ago? Well…on today’s blog, we’re going to be taking a deeper look at a few of these trends and analyze just how impactful they’ve been on the wedding industry.

Before we start on that discussion though, we would first like to welcome any new visitors to our wedding blog. Our Texas venue, Madera Estates, is a luxury event space located in Conroe, just north of Houston and The Woodlands. Every year, we’re able to be a part of so many amazing wedding days and it’s safe to say this is something that never gets old! As briefly alluded to above, our wedding blog often serves as a resource for couples currently planning their own wedding. Whether that be wedding planning tips or photo albums from past weddings hosted at Madera, we always like to provide content that can be helpful for engaged couples. 

With that all being said, let’s dive into a few wedding trends!

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First Look or First Touch

As you likely already know, the old tradition is for couples to first see each other (on their wedding day) on the walk down the aisle at the ceremony. However, if you’ve checked out some of our past “Real Wedding” blogs, you can probably tell that first looks are gradually becoming more and more popular. For those unfamiliar with first looks, they are essentially a moment between the couple that takes place before the ceremony. In addition to obviously capturing some precious photos, first looks also provide an intimate moment before the festivities get underway and is surely one that neither of you will ever forget.

On the flip side, a third possibility you could include is a first touch (also referred to as a blind first look). A first touch will occur at a similar time as the first look, except there will be something in-between the couple preventing them from seeing each other. This can be the perfect option for couples that may want to exchange a small gift or exchange letters (while still sticking by the tradition of first seeing your partner on the walk down the aisle). We’ve witnessed first looks and first touches on plenty of occasions, and they never disappoint!

Digital Impact

Technology has influenced so many aspects of our daily lives. I think you could assume most people would agree with that statement. And there’s also little doubt that it has also impacted the wedding industry as well, especially when you look at how it has influenced the planning process. Granted, it’s no surprise this has been the case as a solid chunk of the people tying the knot right now are millennials. 

So, what are a few examples of how this has happened? Let’s start with one that we’ve already mentioned a few times on prior blog posts: wedding websites. Wedding websites are the perfect place to compile all of the details about your big day. From the basic information, like date, time and location, to links for your wedding registries and so on, these have become an invaluable tool in the months leading up to the big day. Not to mention, so many wedding website builders have made the entire process about as easy as possible too. In other words, you don’t need to know HTML or how to code in order to get a professional-looking website up and running!

Another perfect example of technology influencing the wedding industry has been the rise in modern photo booths. While the concept of a photo booth is said to have been invented way back in the 1920’s, there’s no denying today’s photo booths look a little bit different. In particular, we’re referencing the 360 photo booths (which we’ve discussed before on a prior blog post linked HERE) and ultimately any photo booth that provides guests with instant digital access. And when it comes to digital access, this obviously allows guests to share these photos right away on social media. Not to mention, if you have a custom hashtag for your big day too, that’ll definitely be included as well. To sum it up, there are so many aspects of a modern wedding day that’ve been directly influenced by the rise of the digital world!

Financial Flexibility

I’m sure you’re well aware of this, but the wedding industry is one that’s filled with so many traditions. In fact, many of these are still widely prevalent in today’s world. Think of things like the wedding cake, a bride’s white wedding dress, freezing the top tier of the wedding cake, bouquet toss at the reception and so on! Now, having said that, are all of these long-standing traditions required for every single wedding celebration? Not necessarily, as I’m guessing you’ve probably been to a wedding that skipped over a few of these and made their celebration unique in its own way. Yet another area where traditions come into play though is in terms of the finances. 

We’ve touched on the connection between finances and weddings before here on the blog. While money isn’t always the easiest of topics to bring up, it’s important to get it out in the open when planning a wedding. From establishing a budget to deciding who pays for what, it’ll be intertwined throughout. With that in mind, here’s how the costs are split for a traditional wedding. The bride and her family would be responsible for the bulk of the wedding day fees (venue, photographer, catering, florist, etc). Meanwhile, the groom and his family would cover the rehearsal dinner and honeymoon, along with a handful of other expenses (such as rings, officiant and so on). However, wouldn’t you agree that no two couples are exactly alike? In other words, not every couple has to strictly follow these “traditional” guidelines. Rather, the best strategy is to discuss the situation with your families and come up with a plan of attack there. Maybe that means splitting the costs evenly between the two sides. Or it could even mean the couple getting married covering the bulk of costs (this is a possibility for couples that might be a little older and have established careers in place). All in all, the point we’re trying to make here is that there is a lot more flexibility in terms of finances nowadays. And while there are plenty of traditions in the wedding industry, we’ve seen plenty of couples deviate from them.

Luxury Wedding Venue in Conroe, TX

When you think about your dream wedding day, what elements come to mind first? Chances are a few of the trends mentioned throughout this blog might be possibilities. In the end, it’s safe to say there are plenty of options at your disposal for weddings in the 21st century. If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas, feel free to take a peek at our Instagram page. Having hosted hundreds of weddings over the years, it’s always awesome to see the various unique ideas couples come up with for their special day.

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