3 Wedding Trends We’re Thankful For

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While there are certainly plenty of traditional elements included throughout a wedding celebration, there’s no doubt there are also plenty of trends that rise in popularity each and every year. Some of these hang around for quite awhile, while others are relatively short-lived. Nonetheless, as is the case with plenty of other industries, trends are something worth discussing! As a wedding venue that’s been around for 10 years now, our team has had the opportunity to witness many of these trends first-hand on numerous occasions. Given that we just celebrated Thanksgiving last month and are currently in the midst of the holiday season, we felt it would be a perfect time to discuss a few wedding trends that we’re thankful for!

Before we talk about our gratitude for these amazing trends though, we would first like to give a warm welcome to anyone that may be visiting our wedding blog for the first time. Our venue, Madera Estates, is located in Conroe, TX and specializes in all-inclusive wedding packages. With both an outdoor and indoor space available, couples have the option of holding both their ceremony and reception all at the same location. Here on our blog, we like to provide engaged couples with advice on not only ideas for their own wedding celebration, but also tips on how to enjoy a stress-free planning experience. This week’s blog will fall more under the inspiration/idea category, so hopefully you’ll learn a thing or two worth incorporating into your own wedding.

Photo on the thumbnail courtesy of Ashley Gillen Photography.

Trend #1: First Look or First Touch

Traditionally speaking, on one’s wedding day, the couple first sees each other on the walk down the aisle during the ceremony. While this is still very common nowadays, there’s no denying that more and more couples are taking a non-traditional approach here. The two key alternatives I’m referring to here are the first look and first touch. As a wedding venue, we love them for a few different reasons.

Amazing Photos – If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram, you likely know how much we enjoy reminiscing on photos from previous weddings held at Madera! With so many talented photographers around the Houston area, it’s always fun to see the finished photo albums. Anyways, with either a first look or first touch, you can’t ignore how adorable the pictures are. It’s undoubtedly a special moment for the couple and is an experience they’ll never forget!

Wedding Day Timeline Flexibility – From a venue perspective, timelines are something we always pay attention to. Keep in mind that this point only applies to first looks. When you have a first look before the ceremony, this allows you the opportunity to also get some of your photos knocked out prior to the ceremony as well. This way you won’t feel as rushed in the time between the ceremony and reception, and could possibly mingle with guests during the cocktail hour.

Calms Some Nerves – You’re certainly not alone if you have some nerves in the hours leading up to your “I Do’s.” Trust us on that! However, we’ve noticed that a first look or even first touch can be a great way to alleviate some of this nervous energy before the ceremony gets underway. Whether that be seeing your partner face-to-face with a first look or just holding their hand on a first touch, there’s a reason these trends have gradually grown in popularity.

Trend #2: Social Media

We’ve mentioned it before on previous blog posts, but the wedding world is certainly the perfect example of an industry that continues to become more and more involved in social media. From vendors sharing pictures and videos of their work/services to couples posting photos from their own wedding days, weddings and social media tend to go hand-in-hand in today’s world. Here at Madera Estates, we’ve been thankful for this because it just gives us another reason to look back through wedding albums and post some of our favorites! In addition, from the perspective of engaged couples, we love it due to the fact that it presents a plethora of new ideas and inspiration for them to consider. Whether that be browsing through wedding hashtags on Instagram, pinning your favorite decor ideas on Pinterest or anything else, there’s no shortage of possibilities out there!

Not to mention, wedding hashtags have also become extremely popular amongst couples. This fun activity allows guests to incorporate them into their own posts and they’re essentially compiled into a digital photo album from your special day. Without a doubt, this is something that you and your partner will enjoy looking back on after the wedding day is finished.

Trend #3: Marquee Letters & Other Fun Decor

When it comes to wedding planning, one task you’ll have to complete will involve all of the decor that’ll be featured on your big day. Depending on the package you purchase from your wedding venue, many of these items might already be covered. Nonetheless, from centerpieces and table numbers to signage and more, there’s quite a few things that you’ll be adding to your decor checklist. In addition to all of the basics, we also think it’s worth it to consider some of the other decor items that might not be must-haves, but certainly are capable of adding some extra pizzazz to your celebration. In terms of these extras, who else loves the marquee letters that are sometimes on display at weddings? They are definitely capable of instantly grabbing guests’ attention and can be a nice component to incorporate into some wedding photos as well! While we’re on the topic of trendy decor items, another that you can’t ignore are all of the creative seating chart ideas. Even though seating charts are nothing new, couples are choosing to let their creative juices flow for the displays. You can tie into your overall theme, go with something simple or even just turn it into a fun DIY project! In the end, we’re always impressed with what couples come up with! You can never go wrong with fun and unique decor ideas!

Still Searching for the Perfect Wedding Venue?

2022 marked Madera Estates’ tenth anniversary. Over these past ten years, we’ve been able to meet so many amazing couples and ultimately see them share their “I Do’s” on this special day. Likewise, it’s also been a blessing to be able to work with all of the talented wedding vendors that help create these magical wedding days. Photographers, florists, caterers, DJ’s, the list goes on! Throughout the blog post above, we discussed a handful of trends that we’ve enjoyed seeing. While there’s still plenty of traditional components worth including in your wedding ceremony and reception, it’s always exciting to witness the various ways in which couples add their own personalized touch to this special day.

If you’re currently engaged and still searching for your dream wedding venue, we would love to have you out for a tour of Madera Estates. After all, booking your venue will likely be one of the first things you complete in your wedding planning journey. If you’re interested in taking a look at our online booking calendar, don’t hesitate to click the link HERE. Additionally, if you would like to speak with a member of our team or ask any questions about pricing/availability, you’re welcome to give us a call at (936) 441-9337. Cheers to a wonderful end of 2022!