2020 Wedding Registry Must-Have’s

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In the midst of all of the wedding day planning, you’ll likely have plenty of things swirling through your head! Finalizing your guest list, meeting with photographers, sampling food from catering companies, you name it! While some of these can seem stressful at times, one thing that likely won’t cause an ounce of worry is creating your wedding registry. Think of this stage in the planning process as an enjoyable shopping spree where you don’t have to pay for anything. It doesn’t get much better than that, right?

Since opening the doors to Madera Estates, we’re honored to have had the opportunity to assist hundreds of couples in crafting their dream wedding day. Over those years, we have also been able to chat with them in regards to the various aspects leading up to the big day. When it comes to wedding registries, there is a little bit of planning that comes into play! Yes, it will likely feel like one of the funnest shopping sprees you’ve ever had, but there are some potential mistakes you’ll want to keep in the back of your head!

For this week’s blog post, we’ll be discussing some must-haves to ensure your wedding registry knocks it out of the park. We will let you know what types of products to look for, as well as a few options you might want to add to your registry right away.

Wedding Registry Must-Have’s

If you don’t already live together, a wedding registry is the perfect avenue for decorating your home together. On the flip-side, if you already live together, it can be great for either upgrading those items that you’ve had for awhile, possibly some contributions for a honeyfund or even a donation to your favorite charity! Considering tangible goods are typically the most common, let’s first analyze a few best practices:

Create It Right Away

A frequent question we hear amongst couples is “When should I create my wedding registry?” For some, they are concerned that creating it a week or two after their engagement might seem a little greedy. You’re not the first ones to think this, but we’re here to ease your concerns! Remember, the reason for a wedding registry is to take any guesswork out of the picture for your guests. It is actually making their lives easier by providing an easy to follow list where they can order exactly what you picked out! In the end, it’s helpful for all parties involved!

Register Plenty of Items

Piggy-backing off the previous point, don’t be hesitant to include plenty of options in your registry. It won’t make you seem greedy to them and will ultimately help them out by allowing more options to pick from.

Price-Point Flexibility

Before you start picking out items, make sure you understand the need to pick out products at different price points. It’s perfectly fine to have some higher priced items that your closest friends and family members will splurge on, but make sure to also include enough affordable options as well! Obviously, you don’t want to overwhelm your guests with very expensive price tags!

Shop Together

Considering this special day is all about celebrating the love and bond between the two of you, make sure your soon-to-be spouse has a say in this shopping spree as well! Pick out items that you’ll both be able to enjoy.

Long-Lasting and Practical

When it comes to picking out the actual items themselves, you’ll want to make sure they will (1) be something that will be utilized for the years coming and (2) actually be something that you’ll use. Think of items you use everyday. Whether that be in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in the house, consider practicality when creating your registry.

Put Your Registry Information on Your Wedding Website

Earlier this month, we discussed the concept of wedding websites here on the blog. When it comes to proper wedding etiquette, the best place for any registry information is on your website. We advise against including specific items on the invitations. Rather, make sure to put a blurb that directs them to your website and that’s where they’ll be able to find all of the necessary registry details.

Now that you have a strategy in place and know what to look for, let’s take a look at what couples are finding perfect for their wedding registries in 2020:

High Price-Point Items ($200+)

Top-Notch Vacuum

If you’re still using that old vacuum from your college days, now is the perfect time to toss that aside and upgrade! Whether you go with a Roomba or a cordless vacuum, you’ll be surprised by the various features on newer options. You don’t necessarily need to get something with all of the bells and whistles, but a reliable new vacuum will likely start around $250 and extend into the $300’s.

KitchenAid Mixer

As you go through this list, you’ll notice kitchen items are great additions to any wedding registry. Having said that, a KitchenAid mixer continues to be a favorite when it comes to compiling your registry list. It’s a must-have for your kitchen and worthy of filling one of your higher price-point slots!

Middle of the Road Ideas ($100-$200)

Quality Knife Set

Is a kitchen complete without a knife set? Check out this Calphalon set listed on Amazon. Even though knife sets come at a wide range of price points, you’ll want to register one that has stainless steel blades and capable of lasting for more than a few years!


Are you ready for your honeymoon? Assuming you haven’t already packed everything up, suitcases are a perfect travel essential to add to your list. Most quality options will range around $100-150. If you’re struggling to find ideas, this Samsonite suitcase is a best-seller on Amazon with strong reviews to back it up!

Affordable Must-Haves ($20-$100)

Instant Pot

A product that has quickly become loved by people worldwide, the instant pot is going to not only help you make delicious meals, but also save some time in the process! As stated on their product listing, “The Instant Pot Duo multi-cooker combines 7 appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, saute pan, yogurt maker and warmer – and cooks up to 70% faster.” Trust us, you’ll be glad you added this one to your list!

Bath Towels

Next up, we have something that you can certainly never have too many of! Put a soft and comfortable set of bath towels on your registry. Whether it be from Crate & Barrel, Bed, Bath and Beyond, or anywhere else, this is a nice affordable option any guest could purchase!

While this just scratches the surface on possible items to include, we hope it gets you thinking on what types of products you should be looking out for! A few others to consider include an air fryer, reliable set of pots and pans with a lifetime warranty, coffee pot, silverware, and honestly any other kitchen tools you’ll use on a consistent basis!

Have You Selected Your Venue?

Just as we recommend getting your registry information out there shortly after the engagement, the same can be said in regards to finalizing your dream wedding venue. Considering most venues book up months in advance, we strongly recommend touring venues early on and getting something set in stone. This will simplify the rest of the wedding planning process and make your life much easier!

Madera Estates is a luxury wedding venue in Conroe, TX. Located nearby Houston and The Woodlands, we take pride in creating a completely stress-free process, while still allowing you to create the wedding of your dreams! In order to determine if Madera is the perfect space for your big day, we would be happy to provide you with a free champagne tour of our venue. We will walk you through everything from pricing and the process to seeing the space first-hand. Click HERE to book your very own complimentary tour.

Want to hear from some couples that had their wedding day at Madera Estates? Check out our TESTIMONIAL page for some videos to learn more about their experiences with our team here at Madera.

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