What Theme Should You Choose For Your Houston Wedding?

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In the months leading up to your big day, you’ll find yourself working on a number of various wedding planning activities. After sharing the exciting engagement news with friends and family, you’ll be ready to hit the ground running. From touring potential venues to meeting with vendors and so much more, it’ll undoubtedly be a blast every step of the way. In terms of wedding planning though, it’s also important to understand that there are several details involved that will truly help bring your dream wedding to life. With that being said, one excellent starting point in relation to these details is going to involve selecting a wedding theme. For obvious reasons, this will have an impact on the floral arrangements that you pick out, decor options, color palettes and so on!

For this week’s blog post, we’re going to provide you with a few tips for choosing a theme for your wedding. There are certainly no shortage of possibilities, so we’re confident that you’ll have little trouble coming up with something that you absolutely love. Before we start discussing wedding themes though, we would like to provide a brief introduction for any first-time blog visitors. Madera Estates is a luxury wedding venue and event space located in Conroe, TX. Over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of engaged couples as they create their dream wedding day. We utilize our wedding blog as a resource for couples in the process of planning their own wedding to ensure the entire process is as stress-free as possible (and exactly how you envisioned it)! Now…on to the topic of this week’s blog post: wedding themes!

Consider the Season

One of the more popular methods for choosing a wedding theme involves selecting a color palette that relates to the season in which you’re tying the knot. Unsurprisingly, the color palette that you pick is a major component of your theme, so you’ll want to carefully consider the various options. Nonetheless, when it comes to aligning the color palette with the season in which you’re getting married, there are a few possibilities to keep in mind. Fall is certainly one of the more popular wedding seasons and during this busy wedding time, couples could consider a dark orange (pumpkin spice season!), dark blue, dark red and so on! Each of these moody colors can serve as excellent accent colors. Summer weddings are always so much fun and we’ll often see plenty of vibrant colors during this season. Pink is definitely a popular color in the summer! Winter is yet another season that has its own unique qualities and as such, we see emerald/forest greens as a common accent color that has quickly become a favorite amongst couples. Lastly, Spring weddings are similar to the summer season in that we see a lot of bright colors. Think pastels for this joyous season.

In the end, color palettes will certainly play a role in deciding on a wedding theme and one easy way to decide on the right one for your wedding celebration will involve taking into account the season in which your wedding will be held!

Consider the Venue

One of the first tasks that you’ll work on during the wedding planning process will be touring and booking your wedding venue. The venue will serve as the backdrop for your big day, so it’s undoubtedly a big decision to make! Plus, with many venues booking up months (or even over a year) in-advance, it’s a task you’ll want to prioritize early on. In terms of this blog post, it’s important to take into consideration the style of your venue and how that could impact your theme. Check out the location and backdrop for where the ceremony will take place. This will obviously be a major component of your wedding celebration, so it would be a good idea to ponder how different color palettes or floral arrangements may mesh with this. Furthermore, take a look at the venue’s social media pages or their website. You should be able to find pictures of past weddings at their venue and this could be an excellent source of potential ideas. Just as you’re going to carefully select the season in which you’ll get married, chances are you’ll also take your time with the venue selection process. In doing so, think about how different themes could possibly look at the venues you’re considering!

Picking Something Specific

Once you’ve evaluated the season and venue, you should have a pretty good idea on the color palettes that you’ll select. This will be pivotal as you start to think about types of flowers for the floral designs, decorations for around the venue, and so on. With that in mind, it will now be time to think about specific themes. Vintage weddings are always a hit, especially for creative couples as there are so many possibilities in terms of decor. Not to mention, incorporating a vintage car into some of your photos (as well as after your final send-off) will definitely turn out magical! Without a doubt, classic weddings have continued to be popular for quite some time now. Couples generally select a soft color palette, as the groom and groomsmen are in either black suits or tuxedos. This traditional approach is one that you truly can’t go wrong with! Are you planning on tying the knot either on or close to a holiday? While there’s definitely a fine line of going overboard on certain holiday-themed decorations, there are ways to tie that into your wedding theme as well. Take a Halloween wedding, for example. You could utilize a Til’ Death Do Us Part theme on a Halloween wedding and also have plenty of unique options for decor, attire and even wedding favors.

As you browse around online looking for ideas, you’ll quickly notice that there are plenty of theme possibilities out there! We highlighted a few potential options above, but that truly is just scratching the surface. Bohemian weddings are always a fun theme, as they present their own unique style for decorations and wedding attire. Before we wrap up this section, one other potential theme to consider would be contemporary. In doing so, you can add a modern touch to various different elements of your wedding.  So…what do you think? Do you have a specific style or theme that you’re hoping to achieve with your wedding celebration? As you can likely guess, this will impact various aspects of your wedding, so it’s always best to take your time and think about some of the different possibilities!

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