What Wedding Tasks Can You Delegate?

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Let’s take a moment to talk about wedding planning. As you likely already know, in the months leading up to your big day, chances are you’ll be quite busy with a number of different wedding planning tasks. Some of these may require a little extra thought. Some may take a little more time to complete. All in all, there will be a wide variety of to-do’s along the way, including on the actual wedding day itself! This is a major reason why it’s so important to stay on schedule and if needed, utilize a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything important.

In this week’s blog post, we’re going to take a look at some of these tasks that you’ll need to complete before the big day arrives (and on the wedding day too) and analyze whether or not you could potentially delegate any of them! For obvious reasons, you’re going to want to be involved with most of the major decisions, such as touring and selecting your wedding venue, but there are several duties that you can delegate to avoid getting overwhelmed. After all, we’ve said it many times before, but the last thing you want wedding planning turning into is a stressful experience. With that all being said, let’s look at a few things that you could possibly delegate!

Picture Time

It goes without saying that wedding photos are a huge part of the entire wedding experience. This is a no-brainer, right? I’m sure you’ll want to share all of those amazing photos on social media after the wedding and who doesn’t want to reminisce on such a momentous occasion? One of the more valuable qualities you’ll notice with an experienced wedding photographer is that they’ll know all of the best moments to capture throughout the day. The getting ready moments, ceremony, cake cutting, bouquet toss, final send-off, you name it! Nonetheless, another important component of a wedding photo album will be the formal photos. These will be composed of photos including the couple, wedding party and family members. So…what duties might you need to delegate here?

The answer to that question is about as straightforward as they come: you’ll need someone to help make sure everyone is ready for these formal photos. Whether it be aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents or anyone else, you’ll have plenty of things on your mind and don’t need to be worried about getting everyone in position. This is an easy task to delegate!

Homemade Wedding Favors?

We’ve mentioned this before on prior blog posts, but the wedding world is filled with so many traditions and several of these have been around for quite awhile! One of these traditions that has withstood the test of time is wedding favors. While they certainly don’t have to be anything super extravagant, wedding favors are seen as a nice act of appreciation to your guests for attending your big day. In addition, couples also have plenty of options to consider when deciding on the wedding favors for their guests. You can purchase them ready-made or if you’re crafty, you could turn this into a project to complete on your own. If you’re choosing to take the second of these two approaches, keep reading on how delegation could help with this process.

For those planning on creating homemade wedding favors and also have a fairly sizable guest list for your celebration, this could turn into a fairly time-consuming project! As such, you may want to reach out to a family member or friend to help with putting these favors together. You can obviously still help out if you would like, but having an extra set of hands will certainly help speed up the process.

Gratuities for Vendors

Just as wedding traditions have been brought up a few times before on our blog, so has the topic of wedding budgeting. Having a budget established early on will make your life so much easier throughout the process of planning your wedding. You’ll know who is paying for the various items and ultimately how much you can allocate for the different components. Trust us, this will eliminate a ton of guesswork and stress! Well…a major aspect of wedding budgeting is making sure you’re accounting for all of those smaller charges that can easily be forgotten about when creating the budget. Of course, you’re going to remember to write down the bigger expenses, like venue rental, photographer, caterer and so on, but what about things like tips for vendors, transportation, invitations and other smaller fees?

That leads us to our day-of duty to delegate and that is passing out the tips/gratuities to your on-site vendors. You can have these all ready to go, possibly even in an envelope with a thank you note, and have someone pass them out at the wedding. Even though it’s a small task, it’ll be one less thing to think about on the big day!

Other Miscellaneous Tasks to Delegate

Truth be told, considering every wedding is unique and some couples may want to be more involved in certain things, it’s impossible to say for certain that you must delegate different tasks. Nonetheless, delegation can certainly help alleviate some stress and prevent everything from starting to feel a little overwhelming. We’ve already highlighted a few possible items, but here are some more before we wrap up this blog post. Do you have decorations or anything else that needs to be delivered to the ceremony and then set up at the venue too? This would definitely be something you could delegate! As you’ll notice, one area where you’ll want to consider delegating responsibilities is on the actual wedding day. You’ll have plenty on your plate as-is and should be more focused on enjoying everything, as opposed to worrying about whether or not certain things are being taken care of. Another task to add here would involve coordinating with vendors! While we highlighted having someone in charge of handing out the vendor tips on the day-of, you’ll also want someone that can answer any questions from the vendors too!

One last note before we close out this blog post: have you considered booking an all-inclusive wedding venue? One benefit of this is many of the vendors will have experience working with the venue team and this can help minimize any day-of confusion amongst vendors from arising!

Tie the Knot at Madera Estates!

No matter what stage you’re at in the wedding planning process, we’re sure you are having an absolute blast with the various tasks. From hiring your wedding vendor dream team and shopping for wedding gowns to finalizing a color palette and more, there are simply so many fun and exciting things to do in the months leading up to your wedding day.

Along with making sure you’re working together with your partner throughout many of these wedding planning tasks, there are certain things that you can delegate to close friends or family members. As evidenced above, that can be in relation to items both on the wedding day itself and during the planning process. One of the tasks you’ll work on shortly after getting engaged that you will want to be heavily involved with though is the venue selection. The venue will serve as the backdrop for your big day and I’m sure you and your soon-to-be spouse will want something that perfectly matches your dream wedding!

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