Why Early Spring is an Awesome Time for Weddings!

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

No matter if you’ve already finalized your wedding date or are still in the process of doing so, it’s safe to say this is a decision that comes up early in the overall wedding planning process. After all, it’s something that will impact so many other future questions, including hiring your vendors, booking your wedding venue and so on. Not to mention, it could also affect your budget and availability of guests. Long story short, it can seem a little overwhelming to solidify a date, but just remember that any celebration of love will be awesome regardless of the actual date on the calendar!

For anyone new to our blog, welcome to Madera Estates. Located in Conroe, TX, our luxury wedding venue and event space is proud to offer both all-inclusive wedding packages, as well as venue-only rentals. Here on our blog, we take pride in providing readers with inside looks at events held at Madera Estates, along with tips to ensure your wedding day is just how you envisioned it! Having said that, this week’s blog is going to take an inside look at weddings held in the early springtime. We’ll discuss what makes an early spring wedding so special and why you may want to consider it for your own celebration!

Can’t Beat the Cool Weather!

When it comes to planning out your dream wedding day, one thing that inevitably comes to the mind of every couple is the weather! From avoiding extreme temperatures on either end of the spectrum to the possibility of rain throwing a curveball, the weather is usually one of those things that you have little control over. However, depending on the actual season you select, you will be able to have a general idea of what type of weather to expect. Considering we’ll be discussing early spring weddings on this blog, it’s tough to go wrong with the cool temperatures in Conroe during those months. It’s safe to say this is something that everyone will appreciate!

Concerned about having a back-up plan ready to go in case the weather doesn’t cooperate? Here at Madera Estates, we have both indoor and outdoor spaces available. The outdoor space consists of the area right in front of the Grand Fireplace (pictured below). It’s a popular spot for outdoor ceremonies, dances under the stars and sparkler send-off’s. 

Photo courtesy of Ama by Aisha

Grand Fireplace
On the other hand, our indoor ballroom is referred to as the Hacienda (pictured below). It often serves as the perfect spot for an indoor ceremony, indoor reception or even both! So, if the weather wasn’t the best for an outdoor event, it could easily be used for the entire celebration. From the crystal chandeliers and artisan-feature walls to the candle-lit lanterns and more, the indoor space can serve as the perfect environment for a variety of events.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Garcia Studio

Hacienda Ballroom

Better Attendance Numbers

You obviously want as many people on your invitation list as possible to attend your big day, right? Well, a major factor is estimating this is the actual date you choose, whether or not there’s any holidays on that date and even how many out-of-town guests will be attending. One of the perks of choosing an early spring wedding? Chances are not too many of your guests will already have vacations planned, which should subsequently improve your attendance numbers. To add to it, there are not as many holidays that you’ll need to keep in mind, outside of Spring Break for those guests with younger kids.


Another major aspect in the wedding planning process is establishing a budget for your big day. This will help immensely in knowing how much you can spend on the venue, caterer, photographer, florist and so on! And as you could likely guess, pricing for some of these vendors is dependent on how busy they are during a particular season. The busier seasons are the more expensive ones. In terms of weddings, the summer and fall months are generally most popular (and thus, likely more expensive). So, when you’re going through the process of touring venues and meeting with vendors, inquire about what their rates are for the different months of the year. 

Colors, Flowers and All the Fun Stuff

If you’re someone that enjoys browsing Pinterest boards or Instagram hashtags looking for inspiration for your big day, you’ve likely been brainstorming ideas for colors, flowers and all of the other fun stuff. Whether that be for the bridesmaids dresses, ideas for floral arrangements or anything else, this is definitely one of the funner aspects in the planning process!

Well, when it comes to the spring season, you’ll have no trouble coming up with amazing color palettes that make for picture-perfect photo opportunities, as well as plenty of in-season blooms. So many flowers are blooming in the spring season that you’ll have no trouble finding something that you absolutely love.

Looking at the Other Seasons

As we’ve mentioned throughout this blog, every season is different when it comes to weddings. They all have their own pros and cons that every couple will want to consider. While we discussed many of these topics above, here are some of the characteristics you’ll want to consider when evaluating each of the seasons.

Weather – Unsurprisingly, weather is the first thing that comes to mind when looking at different times of the year. In addition, a nice safeguard against any unforeseen weather conditions is to select a venue with both an indoor and outdoor space. 

Popularity – The busier wedding seasons are not only typically more expensive, but also vendors fill up much quicker during these times! If you have your heart set on a particular venue and are hoping for a peak-season wedding (i.e. the fall), you may want to act quickly. It’s not uncommon for some vendors to book a year or more in-advance. 

Attendance – You certainly don’t want to select a time where a solid number of your guests may have plans already penciled in on the calendar. Whether that be due to a holiday weekend or a busy travel time, add that to the list of variables to consider.

Struggling to decide which season makes the most sense for your special day? With hundreds of weddings under our belt, we feel confident in providing you with advice on planning every aspect of your wedding. One thing we can say for sure is that no matter what season you choose, we can say that every single wedding day is special!

Still Searching for Your Wedding Venue?

Whether it be the winter, spring, summer or fall, an important step in your wedding planning process will involve touring and selecting your dream wedding venue. Considering this will have an impact on many of your other wedding decisions, we always recommend getting your venue finalized early on. While every season certainly has its own pros and cons, we hope you enjoyed this blog that took a look at those held in the early spring. With the temperatures reaching a high in the 70’s here in Conroe for much of this time period, it’s always a popular season.

If you’re browsing different venues around the Conroe and Houston area, we would love to show you around our venue, Madera Estates. As a Spanish and European-inspired event space, we’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to host hundreds of weddings over the years. For those engaged and interested in a free tour of our venue, don’t hesitate to click HERE to check out our booking calendar. On the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to view the various spaces of the venue, chat with one of our wedding professionals, and ask any questions that you may have. Happy Wedding Planning!

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