Why Everyone Should Consider a Photo Booth For Their Wedding

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Whether it be at company parties, weddings or any other event, it’s safe to say that photo booths are rapidly growing in popularity! Just speaking from personal experience at Madera Estates, we have seen so many of them in recent years and witnessed how they’ve truly added to the fun of a wedding reception. Not to mention, photo booths have also evolved quite a bit over the years with the 360 photo booths quickly becoming a major hit at any wedding.

For those of you who have visited our wedding blog before, you likely know that we LOVE providing tips for a wide range of wedding-related topics. From selecting vendors and touring venues to the logistics of wedding planning and plenty more, there’s certainly no shortage of potential topics to discuss. And as you can probably tell based on the opening paragraph, today’s blog will be focused on photo booths and why you might want to consider one for your own big day.

Before getting into photo booths, we would like to provide a brief introduction to any first-time visitors. Madera Estates is a Spanish and European-inspired luxury wedding venue located nearby Houston and The Woodlands. Since opening our event space, we’ve always taken pride in creating the perfect backdrop for whatever vision a couple may have for their wedding day. For those interested in scheduling a free tour of our venue, don’t hesitate to click HERE and select a time that works for you. That all being said, back to the topic at hand: photo booths!

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Your Guests Will LOVE It!

As we’ve mentioned before on prior blog posts, there really is a nearly endless number of potential things you can incorporate into your big day. Fireworks, live entertainment, alpacas, you name it! With there being so many different possibilities, it can be difficult to decide what to include and what to pass on. For those on the fence about having a photo booth on-site, we have to say one perk of them is the fact that your guests will absolutely love them. We’ve seen them at several weddings over the years and it’s one reception piece that never fails to draw guests in! Not to mention, it’s also a great way to keep people entertained throughout the entire reception.

Wedding Favors?

Throughout your wedding planning experience, one task that will likely find its way onto your to-do list at one time or another is coming up with an idea for wedding favors. This obviously doesn’t have to be anything overly-extravagant (or expensive, for that matter), but it should nonetheless serve as a thank you to your guests for attending your wedding. Likewise, it also presents the opportunity to give them something to remember your day, almost like a souvenir. After all, just Google “wedding favor ideas” and we’re sure you’ll have more than enough ideas. However, if you’re looking for something tangible people can have to reminisce on your special day, what’s better than the little printed photo booth strips? Plus, if the photo booth you select has digital capabilities as well, that presents an even cooler feature, which we’ll discuss on the next point!

Social Media Implications

It goes without saying that social media has become intertwined with quite a few different aspects of our daily lives and especially in the wedding industry as well! It can provide you with inspiration for planning your own wedding, allow the ability to evaluate local wedding vendors and ultimately help in the overall wedding planning process. Well, when it comes to photo booths at weddings, they blend seamlessly with the social media world. With most modern booths, guests can have instant digital access to their photos as well and easily share them on social media. Plus, if you encourage guests to use your hashtag you created for the special occasion, this can be a great way to create a digital photo album on Instagram highlighting your wedding day. 

Have You Seen the 360 Photo Booths?

Similar to many other aspects of the wedding industry, technology has significantly impacted the photo booth world as well! In particular, we wanted to reference the 360-degree photo booths, which have quickly become a fan favorite over the last few years. While the traditional photo booths with various props are always going to be a fun component in any setting, the 360-degree photo booths take it up another level. Essentially, these newer photo booths have an arm with a camera that spins around the platform (where the people are standing). For one, the set-up will instantly grab everyone’s attention once they walk in the room and they’ll all definitely want to give it a try! However, going hand-in-hand with the social media aspect highlighted above, this also allows guests to get either a digital photo or even a GIF/short slow-motion video they can share online. Having witnessed them first-hand at a few different weddings, this definitely falls under the list of unique ideas that are worth considering for any celebration! 

Wide Range of Options

One of the great things about wedding photo booths is the fact that you have plenty of different options at your disposal. Yes, the 360-degree photo booths are very cool and tend to always be a hit at any wedding they’re featured at, but you have plenty of various other options to pick from as well! Just run a Google search for “photo booths near me” and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. After that, you can find which ones specialize in weddings, hopefully some pictures of what their on-site set-up looks like and read reviews from past clients. Long story short, you’ll have no trouble finding photo booths at varying price levels and should be able to land one that fits within your budget! As a side note, don’t forget to lean on the expertise from your contacts at whichever wedding venue you book. Along with any other wedding vendor needed, your wedding venue should be able to steer you in the direction of reliable and professional photo booth rental companies. If you ever need suggestions on wedding vendors near Houston, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Still Need a Wedding Venue?

Without a doubt, photo booths can be such a fun component worth incorporating into a wedding reception. No matter if that’s just one of the classic photo booths with some fun props or a modern 360 photo booth, you can’t go wrong with adding one to your celebration. Before you get to the stage where you’re browsing potential photo booths though, you’ll need to have your wedding venue selection finalized first. Our venue, Madera Estates, is located in Conroe, TX, close by North Houston and The Woodlands. From start to finish, we strive to not only bring your dream wedding to life, but do so in a seamless manner that doesn’t add any unnecessary stress.

If you’re engaged and searching for a wedding venue near Houston, we would be happy to have you out for a free tour. This is the perfect opportunity to see the space in-person, meet with a member of our team and ask any questions you may have. To see a list of our current tour openings, click HERE. Happy Wedding Planning!