Why Fall is Always a Hit for Weddings!

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Would you agree that the time of the year can impact a few different aspects of the wedding planning process? That could be in regards to the more popular seasons or days of the week being more expensive for booking vendors. It could be in reference to the geographic location of where you live and how the weather generally is in particular months. Or it could even be tied to a specific season having more sentimental value to you and your fiance. Long story short, the individual season is typically something that couples consider when picking their wedding date.

For any first-time blog visitors, we would like to wish you a warm welcome to Madera Estates! As a Conroe, TX based wedding venue, you can probably guess what we like to talk about here on our blog. From wedding inspiration to planning tips and so on, there is certainly no shortage of wedding-related topics to discuss. In this week’s blog post, we’re going to talk about why the fall season has always been such an amazing time to host weddings. In fact, you can arguably make the case that the fall is the most popular wedding season, with September and October being extremely common months. With fall being just around the corner, we thought now would be the perfect time to break down a few of the reasons as to why fall weddings have been and continue to be a hit amongst engaged couples.

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It should come as no surprise that one of the top reasons why couples choose the fall is because of the ideal weather conditions. While you can’t predict months in-advance if there will be rain or if an early winter cold-front will come through, the fall usually is a pretty safe bet. To sum it up, with the fall season, you’ve got that sweet spot in-between the hot summer months and the colder winter months. Granted, Texas weather can still get warm in September, but you can definitely argue that it’s not anything we’re not used to! 

As a side note, if you’re concerned about any potential curveballs thrown by the weather, make sure to have a back-up plan ready to go. In other words, it wouldn’t hurt to double check with your wedding venue to confirm if they have another space available that could be swapped out for the ceremony if rain were to hit on the big day.

All the Beautiful Flowers

With so many talented florists around the Houston and Conroe area, we feel blessed to have the opportunity to see plenty of beautiful floral arrangements at Madera weddings. And if you’re currently in the midst of planning your own wedding, chances are you already have a vision in mind of the flowers you’d like to see on display. Luckily, for those couples that are planning on going with a fall-themed color palette, you’ll have no trouble finding seasonal flowers that blend in flawlessly. Dahlias are always a fan favorite as an in-season fall flower and will likely find their name on plenty of top fall flowers lists. Amaranthus is another example of a popular choice for fall wedding couples, no matter if that’s utilizing it in a centerpiece arrangement or for the bouquets. To sum it up, the fall season is filled with so many amazing in-bloom flowers. We can confidently say that your florist will have no problem coming up with something awesome thanks to the bevy of possibilities.

Want to add a unique twist to your bouquet or floral arrangements? Everyone loves some fall foliage, so why not incorporate that in one way or another? If not into the arrangements themselves, it wouldn’t hurt to try to tie them into your wedding photos too! 

Your Guests

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s safe to say that your guests are intertwined throughout many decisions. You’ll have to create your guest list and seating chart. You’ll want to make sure they’re informed about all of the important details, including venue location, gift registry and so on. Since this blog is all about fall weddings, there are a couple of guest-related topics that I wanted to bring up. 

First off, you have guest attendance. Obviously, when you go to create a wedding guest list, you would like as high of a turnout as possible. With a fall wedding, you have a few things working in your favor. (1) You don’t need to be concerned with guests already having summer vacations planned, which could get in the way of them being able to attend. (2) There aren’t as many holidays to plan around. Labor Day weekend is technically still in the summer season, so you’ll mainly want to be mindful of Halloween and Thanksgiving.

Secondly, there are the costs associated with attending the wedding. If your celebration is taking place where many guests have to fly in and stay at a hotel, then the fall is generally a little cheaper than the summer months since not as many people are traveling. This might not be the case in every single location, but it generally is the case.

Fall Photos

Who else loves all of the beautiful scenery that goes hand-in-hand with the fall season? The leaves changing colors, all of the warm and vibrant colors throughout, the list goes on! Along with this sheer beauty that it creates, the fall season is also likely a favorite of many wedding photographers. Especially if you’re either planning on having an outdoor ceremony or doing a photoshoot outdoors before the wedding, you’ll have no trouble getting an absolutely amazing photo album. Plus, we all know how popular golden hour photos have become. Well, for many couples, they’ve found it easier to squeeze in golden hour photo opportunities into their wedding day timeline for fall weddings. With the daylight hours gradually getting a little shorter in the fall, you should be able to plan it to have the golden hour and sunset occur right towards the end of the ceremony and before the reception commences.

All in all, the fall season will undoubtedly create some beautiful backdrops that simply can’t be duplicated artificially!

Host Your Fall Wedding Celebration at Madera Estates

While we’ve highlighted a few different perks of a fall wedding, you can safely say that all months are amazing for wedding celebrations! Each season offers its own unique spin on things and will undoubtedly add to the overall excitement. As we briefly mentioned in the opening paragraphs, our venue (Madera Estates) is located in Conroe, TX and specializes in all-inclusive wedding packages. Having hosted hundreds of weddings over the years, seeing couples tie the knot truly is something that never gets old.

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