5 Add-Ons Every Couple Should Consider For Their Big Day

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What does your dream wedding look like? After finalizing some of the basics, like your wedding venue and various other vendors, you’ll still have more than a few decisions to make before the big day comes around. As a wedding venue that’s hosted hundreds of weddings over the years, we’ve had the opportunity to witness so many amazing and unique wedding ideas. While there’s always the possibility for a few similarities from wedding-to-wedding, there’s no denying that every single wedding celebration is unique in its own way.

Is this your first time stopping by our wedding-themed blog? If so, welcome to Madera Estates. We are a luxury event space located in Conroe, TX that specializes in all-inclusive wedding packages. Unsurprisingly, our blog is centered around tips, tricks and inspiration for engaged couples planning their wedding. Whether that be inside looks at previous weddings held at our venue, advice on finding the perfect vendors or ways to add a little extra pizzazz come wedding day, you’ll find a wide variety of content here! On today’s blog post, we’re going to be focusing on those additional services you may be considering for your celebration. We’ll touch on a few of our favorites and hopefully give you a handful of options to keep in mind!

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Neon Signs

Over the years, it goes without saying that the wedding industry has experienced quite a few trends come to the forefront. Some of these trends have withstood the test of time, while others have been replaced. Nonetheless, being a wedding venue, we’re always excited to see what new trends become popular throughout the wedding world. One that has been a hit at many weddings is the neon signs.

With neon signs, you have the flexibility to go with something that’s unique to your wedding (such as your wedding hashtag) or you can go with a more generic phrase. In any case, it’ll be something that instantly captures your guests’ attention and they’ll likely also want to take a picture in front of it to post on social media! Better yet, combine the neon sign with the photo booth component! Long story short, neon signs are becoming more and more popular, and there are plenty of companies out there where you can rent them for your wedding as well. 


Our next item might not be seeing as rapid of a growth as neon signage (due to it having been around for longer and more common already), but nonetheless is an additional service that can truly have a major impact at your wedding. Firework displays have the ability to be the perfect ending to the “Best Day Ever.” Plus, it will be an awesome show for your guests to enjoy and will undoubtedly create the most amazing wedding photos. Trust, we’ve had the opportunity to see numerous firework displays over the years and they are definitely something that never disappoints. The one key caveat to keep in mind when considering a fireworks display at a wedding is to make sure you’re working with a professional that has plenty of experience. It’s one thing to have beautiful fireworks lighting up the sky, but you also want to make sure everything is completed safely (and according to local guidelines) too!

Go With the Upgrades

Wedding planning is all about the details. If you’re currently in the process of planning your own wedding day, you likely know just how true that statement is. Decor, flowers, signage, you name it! Depending on the wedding venue you book, their all-inclusive packages could very well cover some of these basic items needed for a wedding celebration. However, there could also be the possibility of them having upgraded packages available to pick from as well! At Madera Estates, these upgrades are known as Madera LUXE, which is our in-house styling service that specializes in adding that extra touch of “attention-to-detail” capable of making sure every single detail is just right! And believe us, when it comes to venue enhancements, there are numerous options to consider. From the charger plates and centerpieces to lanterns and more, this is another way to include a little added-elegance to your wedding day.

Try Something Unique For the Wedding Cake

The actual concept of having a cake at the reception is one of the oldest traditions in the wedding industry, so you might be surprised to see it on a list of popular add-ons. However, the reason we’ve included it in this blog post is because you don’t necessarily have to go with something ordinary and simple for your wedding cake. For instance, rather than going the basic route for the cake topper, what if you incorporated a custom one that really stands out and is memorable? How about going with a different style, design or color of cake that differs from your average white wedding cake? To sum it up, there’s no need to be hesitant on being bold with your wedding cake selection.

Not to mention, more and more couples are also opting to include a groom’s cake for their wedding day. Without a doubt, groom’s cakes are always unique, as they’re largely dependent on the groom’s hobbies and interests. Whether the theme be the Houston Astros, Star Wars, Texas A&M or anything else, we’ve seen a variety throughout the years.


Alpacas? YES! If you’ve never been to a wedding where alpacas (or any animals for that matter) are present, you might be a little surprised to see it show up on this blogpost! After all, it’s not necessarily something you plan on seeing when you’re a guest at a wedding, right? With that being said, this is most certainly the perfect example of an add-on service that catches everyone’s attention immediately when they attend a wedding celebration. From the couple themselves to all of the guests, they’re simply adorable to be around and everyone will enjoy seeing them. For those of you who are planning a wedding near the Houston area, there’s actually a local company that’s been a vendor at many of our prior weddings and that is Texas Party Animals. Without a doubt, this is one wedding component that no one will likely ever forget, and will ultimately add a unique and memorable touch to your big day! Additionally, they also make for the most amazing wedding photos! After all, who wouldn’t want to get a pic with an alpaca?

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So…what do you think? Do any of these additional services look intriguing for your own wedding celebration? There’s no doubt that the possibilities are endless for weddings in 2022. The wedding industry has been growing rapidly and it’s been amazing to see what the many talented wedding vendors have to offer! If you’re ever needing some more ideas or inspiration, be sure to take a look at our Facebook or Instagram pages. We consistently post photos and videos from weddings held at Madera Estates, as well as tag the various vendors involved in the weddings. This can be perfect for any couple planning on holding their wedding near The Woodlands or Houston.

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