Being “Extra” On Your Wedding Day

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Sparkler Send-Off at Wedding

Trying to think of unique ways to make your wedding day “extra special?” From fireworks and live painting to alpacas and so much more, your options are simply endless when it comes to weddings in 2020! If this is you and you’re struggling to come up with unique ideas, then you’ve come to the right place! After all, we never want you to feel limited when it comes to your dream wedding, so never feel worried that you’re being a little bit too “extra!”

Since opening our wedding venue, the team at Madera Estates is honored to have had the opportunity to help hundreds of couples make their dream wedding days a reality. No different from purchasing a home, car or any other significant investment, everyone is going to envision a slightly different set-up for their wedding day! Having witnessed a wide array of wedding themes and decor first-hand, we feel confident we’ll have some ideas you’ve never seen before and hopefully ones that provide some inspiration. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some memorable wedding day ideas that are all about “being extra!”

Bring on the fireworks show!

Want to make your wedding a day everyone in attendance will remember for awhile? One easy way to make this a reality is by incorporating a fireworks display! As you can see in the collage above, fireworks are quickly becoming a favorite amongst our couples here at Madera Estates. And rightfully so! When it comes to including them on your big day, you can choose to go with the popular sparkler send-off or go big with a complete 4th of July style celebration. It’s tough to go wrong with either!

In terms of fireworks vendors, we strongly recommend our friends with Roar Over Texas. They are actually run by local firefighters and truly are capable of creating jaw-dropping presentations time and time again. 

Who doesn’t love animals?

When it comes to creating the BEST DAY EVER, it doesn’t hurt to consider anything and everything! Having said that, have you thought about including animals on your big day? With this point, the options are endless. This photo above (courtesy of Drake Studio) comes from Saida and Rand’s wedding! Simply put, it was one heck of a party! Included in their celebration was a donkey from Marchas Zoo. Yep, you heard that right! We’re guessing this will be a wedding that sticks in the heads of their guests for a long time!

If the donkey from Saida and Rand’s special day caught your eye, you’ll also want to check out Texas Party Animals. They have trained alpacas that are simply adorable for any type of event (and they make for the absolute cutest photo opportunities you could possibly imagine)!

Live music, bobbleheads and so much more!

Every wedding has to include some sort of music, right?! Here at Madera Estates, we’re lucky to have seen so many amazing entertainment companies create unique celebrations for our couples! This includes the Bulbo Band, Divisi Strings, DJU Entertainment, Intensity Band, J&D Entertainment, Mariachi Los Gallitos and many others! Keep in mind that every couple can approach the live music aspect in a way that matches their overall vision and theme for the big day! For some, this means a party filled with amazing lighting displays, loud music and anything you could think of. On the flip side, others might be searching for a more intimate setting. In either case, this is a great question to ask when you’re first starting to tour venues! Talk with your coordinator about what you had in mind and let us help out in finding the perfect match!

One excellent example of utilizing live music to create a memorable celebration comes from Adriana and Ismael’s wedding! Special thanks to the amazing team at Ramsey’s Photography for supplying these fun photos! Between the live music from Bulbo Band, the Mariachi Music that was also included and of course the life-sized bobblehead version of the King of Pop and the King of Rock, we still remember just about every moment of this reception!

Going with a theme?

If you’re struggling to come up with some ideas for your special day, a terrific starting place is a theme. A wedding theme is a wonderful way to make it unique and even let your own personality and style shine through! Your theme will help dictate everything from the decor to your menu and even some of the surrounding features! For those looking for a few ideas, take a look at Jordan and Michael’s celebration at Madera Estates. Whether it be the old-school copywriter, the newspaper cut-out or the classic car, this ceremony was a beautiful example of bringing together vintages styles with glamour all over! Shout-out to Ama Aisha for these beautiful photos!

All in all, when referencing a wedding day theme, the sky’s the limit. Don’t be afraid to go with something unique and have the theme truly resemble each of your personalities. 

Want to hear more about Jordan and Michael’s special day? They were kind enough to share their experiences working with our team in a video testimonial. Check out their video, along with other Madera couples, on our testimonials page HERE.

Live wedding painting?

What better way to capture such a memorable day in your life than with a painting from that exact day? It’ll be tough to find something else that will truly last FOREVER! Live wedding painting really is a thing you can get and is certainly capable of creating a timeless keepsake. Curious to see how this works? Check out By Brittany Branson. Whether it be when you’re at the Grand Fireplace, having your first dance, or any other time special to you, we certainly are a little hopeful more and more Madera couples include this in their celebration.

It truly would be something special to look back on; having that painting created on the actual day you were married and completed by someone witnessing it first-hand sounds like something straight out of a movie!

Wedding Planning Without Limits!

“When planning a wedding, no couple wants to hear about limits. Neither do we. That’s why we work with you to plan a day built on dreams, a visionary event in which every detail, from grand to intimate, is carried out beyond all expectations.” This quote comes straight from the homepage of our website and truly embodies why we are so passionate about what we do every single day!

As mentioned in the introduction, every couple has their own unique vision of how to make their wedding day the best day ever! Being a wedding venue, we want to help make this entire process stress-free and create the backdrop for a truly magical day. We hope this blog post helped inspire some of the many awesome possibilities there are when you book with Madera Estates. If you’re interested in learning more about our venue, we encourage you to consider booking a free Champagne Tour. You’ll have the opportunity to check out the various spaces that make up Madera, as well as discuss pricing and availability with one of our wedding experts!

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