Best & Worst Holidays To Get Married On

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Best and worst holidays to get married on - Madera Estates blog post

Best & Worst Holidays To Get Married On 

Engaged and in the process of planning your wedding? In this blog post, we’re diving into the best and worst holidays to get married on. Often when you get engaged, the first question you’ll be asked is “When’s the big day?”. When it comes to setting a date for your wedding, there’s a lot to consider. After all, you want to maximize the chances of most of your guests being able to attend! Getting married on a holiday can be fun, but there are definitely certain holidays that are more socially acceptable to tie the knot on than others. 

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The Worst Holidays To Get Married On 

Let’s rip the bandaid right off, shall we? The worst holidays to get married on (at least in the United States) are definitely going to be Christmas and Thanksgiving day. Let’s face it, no matter how much your guests love you, these holidays are meant to be spent with family. Most people will have traditions and annual get-togethers they don’t want to miss out on. Yet, if you have your heart set on a Christmas or Thanksgiving-inspired wedding you definitely can embrace the theme a few days before the actual holiday! By doing so, your guests will be able to still attend their annual family traditions and you’ll get the festive wedding you’ve been dreaming of. Win, win! Plus, if your extended family will already be in town during these holidays it might logistically make sense to get married while they’re in town. Just be sure to send out save-the-dates and formal invitations well in advance, as this time of year often gets booked up quickly.  

In addition to Christmas and Thanksgiving, it’s probably a good idea to avoid hosting your weddings on several other religious and cultural holidays out of respect for your guests. The full list of holidays will depend on your attendants, but some to consider are Hanukkah and Easter. Again, this will vary greatly depending on the people attending your wedding. 

Side note, how amazing would a Thanksgiving-themed menu be for a wedding reception? Mouthwatering! 

The Best Holidays To Get Married On 

Now for the best holidays to get married on! The best holidays to get married on are going to be the ones that usually don’t have familial or religious obligations. Holidays such as Leap Day, Cinco De Mayo, and Valentine’s Day are totally acceptable! In fact, these dates are usually in high demand because they allow couples to incorporate a fun theme into their wedding celebration. Furthermore, if you want to host a Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, or New Year’s Eve party your guests won’t soon forget, these holidays have the green light! As previously mentioned, it’s wise to give plenty of notice to your guest list if you’re getting married on a holiday. 

Holidays To Think Twice About 

If you have guests traveling from out of town, you might think planning your big day over a long holiday weekend is a great way for everyone to enjoy some extra time celebrating your wedding. So getting married over a Labor Day weekend is a great idea, right? Well, it depends! Many families have annual traditions over long weekends, such as fireworks shows and BBQs that they might not want to miss out on. Regardless, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Independence Day are still popular weekends for weddings. Just be aware that many of your guests (particularly friends and coworkers) might not be able to attend. If you insist on hosting your wedding over a long holiday weekend, you may want to consider Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Juneteenth, or Columbus Day. 

Psst… Themed Weddings Don’t Have To Be On The Actual Holiday! 

Some people get married on a holiday because the majority of their guests have time off to celebrate. Others get married on holidays so they can incorporate a fun festive theme into their nuptials. If you have your heart set on a holiday-themed wedding, it definitely doesn’t have to be on the day itself! It’s totally acceptable to host a holiday-themed wedding a few days before or after the actual date. At the end of the day, this is YOUR wedding and you get to make the rules! Heck, you can get married on a Tuesday at 10:00 am if you want. The people who support you the most will make time for your special day regardless of the date it falls on. 

PRO TIP: Nontraditional wedding dates are often big money savers! Click here to learn about some of the benefits of a weekday wedding. 

Know Your Audience 

Like most things in life, every situation is unique. If you think your family and friends would love to celebrate your wedding on a specific holiday then you should consider it! If you’re questioning a particular date, contact your VIP guest list (immediate family and besties) and getting their feedback. As long as your closest family and friends can be there, that’s all that matters! 

Note Your Anniversary Date 

Keep in mind that getting married on a holiday usually means your anniversary will end up on that date for years to come. Most people are comfortable with rescheduling anniversary date nights if other celebrations interfered with their schedule. When you’re setting your wedding date, think about if your anniversary date will clash with other celebrations in the future. If that’s not important to you, no big deal! 

Host Your Holiday Wedding At Madera Estates 

We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about the best and worst holidays to get married on. When it comes to planning your wedding there really is no right or wrong way to do so! Whatever vision you have for your big day, the experts at Madera Estates are here to make it happen!

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