Fireworks & Weddings are the Perfect Match!

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If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that there are a seemingly endless number of possibilities when it comes to planning a wedding nowadays! No really, we mean it! Having hosted plenty of weddings over the years, we’ve been lucky enough to have seen many of these possibilities first-hand on countless occasions. That could be in relation to wedding cakes that are not only delicious to eat, but also truly capable of being called works of art! It could be choosing a unique theme that truly is something you’ve never seen before and leaves you wanting more couples to use that same set-up! How about all the extras that make a wedding so special? Alpacas, firework displays, 360 photo booths, you name it!

Having said all of this, one thing that’s tough to beat are fireworks at weddings. It’s an element that offers many advantages and will almost always be such a memorable part of the night that everyone will remember. On today’s blog, we’ll be discussing just that! However, before diving into the fireworks, we would first like to welcome any first-time visitors to our wedding blog. Madera Estates is a luxury wedding venue and event space located in Conroe, TX. Every year, we have the opportunity to witness numerous couples tie the knot and it’s always exciting to see the celebration that takes place. If you’re searching for a wedding venue near the Houston area, don’t hesitate to schedule a free tour HERE. We would love to show you around! 

Now…time to talk about fireworks!

Photos on thumbnail courtesy of RKM Photography.

Amazing Photos

We may be a little biased because we always LOVE reminiscing on the beautiful photos that come from firework displays at weddings, but you simply can’t ignore it when talking about this particular topic! All in all, when you go to share a few photos from your big day to social media, I’m fairly confident that you’ll include AT LEAST one from the firework show. As long as you make sure to notify your photographer ahead of time (so they can get in a spot to capture the perfect angles), you’ll love the photos that come out of it. 

Safety First

There’s little doubt that fireworks will add a unique and unforgettable touch to your wedding. However, that doesn’t mean there won’t be some due diligence work needed ahead of time. As you can likely imagine, there are plenty of rules and regulations when it comes to fireworks. What might these stipulations entail? There could be specific permitting requirements that you’ll need to take into consideration. Depending on the wedding venue in which you’ve booked, they may have different rules on where you can shoot off the fireworks (or IF you can even shoot them off). Long story short, you’re going to want to carefully plan this ahead of time, as opposed to a last minute decision. If you’ve seen your wedding venue post pictures of firework displays before on social media, reach out to your coordinator to determine the guidelines for having one at your own celebration. This may include the recommended length of the show, local vendors to consider (with something like this, you’ll want a reliable professional on-site!) and so on. Fireworks are amazing, but you want to make sure it’s done in a safe manner and also doesn’t lead to you getting in any trouble after the wedding.

You Can Tell Your Guests Ahead of Time

While it would definitely be exciting to have the firework display be a surprise for all of your guests, you also want to make sure no one leaves early and misses out on the fun! Having said that, it wouldn’t hurt to inform them ahead of time about the exciting send-off that will close out the night. They’ll still be amazed by the fireworks and you can rest assured knowing that all of your loved ones will hang around to see the memorable show.

Planning. Planning. Planning.

One of the major themes throughout many of our prior blog posts is wedding planning. We obviously love to post beautiful pictures from past weddings, but we also know that engaged couples are looking for tips and inspiration when planning their own wedding celebrations! As such, we like to keep a nice balance between the two topics. Having said that, there’s no doubt that including a firework display in your wedding timeline is going to require some careful planning. We already touched on the importance of prioritizing safety above, but it extends farther than that.

Length of Show – First off, you’re going to need to decide how long the firework display will be. This is something you’ll have to discuss with the vendor that’ll be putting on the display, as you’ll need to inquire about the various packages available. It also wouldn’t hurt to talk with your venue coordinator for some details on how long the firework shows generally are. Assuming the venue has had them before at previous weddings, this will be some good info to take into account.

Music Included – Fireworks by themselves are certainly breathtaking, but what if you included music at the same time? This can add to the overall experience and is an element worth considering. Check with the fireworks vendor and your venue rep to see what the possibilities are for coordinating these together.

Location of the Display – This next one might be something that the venue will ultimately decide, but is still worth mentioning. You’ll need to pick where the display will take place. Here at Madera Estates, the firework displays generally take place behind the Grand Fireplace. This typically serves as the signature backdrop for many of our wedding ceremonies and also tends to be the perfect spot for fireworks as well.

Many of the other variables are going to be dependent on the firework vendor that you sign with. Their individual packages might have different offers, including the color scheme of the fireworks, grand finale and more!

Sparkler Send-Offs

Fireworks come in all shapes, sizes and colors! You can have the large displays that truly light up the sky, as well as the classic sparklers. If you’ve attended a few weddings over the years, there’s a strong chance that you’ve maybe witnessed a sparkler send-off first-hand at one time or another. In fact, it’s also safe to say that sparkler send-offs encompass many of the benefits already outlined throughout this blog post. As the newlyweds walk by all of their loved ones, it definitely creates awesome photos, as the sparklers truly pop in the night-time darkness. All of your guests will enjoy being able to participate in the fun activity. And to sum it all up, it’s just an exciting way to wrap up the “Best Day Ever.”

Include a Firework Display in Your Wedding!

Are you thinking about including fireworks in your wedding celebration? We have to admit that this is one wedding element you can’t go wrong with. We’ve had the opportunity to see many of them throughout the years and they never disappoint. Whether that be a sparkler send-off or a full firework display, it has our stamp of approval! If you’re interested in checking out photos of firework displays at Madera Estates, we encourage you to check out our Facebook or Instagram pages. We’re consistently posting new photos from weddings at our venue, so you won’t have to scroll very far before you see some fireworks!

As we mentioned in the opening paragraphs, our wedding venue is located in Conroe, just north of Houston and The Woodlands. If you’re interested in stopping by for a free tour, feel free to check out our online booking calendar HERE. On the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to see the entire space in-person, ask any questions you may have, and discuss pricing/availability.