10 Reasons You Should Get Married In The Summer

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Get Married In The Summertime!

Where are my newly engaged couples at?!

If you’re in this thrilling phase of life, you’ve come to the right place!

At Madera Estates, we’re in the business of making wedding dreams come true. We are a Spanish and European inspired event space located in the heart of Conroe, TX. 

It’s no secret that we’re kinda obsessed with weddings. There’s really nothing quite like the excitement that occurs on a wedding day. From the anticipation of getting ready, to the first look and walking down the aisle, weddings are celebrations we adore getting to be a part of!

Even though we’ve been hosting these types of festivities for quite a while, each event brings a smile to our face! It’s awesome to be a part of such a huge milestone in people’s lives. To put it simply, we love LOVE!

We understand your engagement is a very exciting time! Admittingly, for some couples, the planning process can be just as fun as the day itself! However, we also understand how much work goes into making the perfect celebration you’ve always dreamed of come to life. After all, there are a lot of details to consider! From the florals arrangements to the catering and more, there are so many decisions that couples must make before they say “I do”. 

Once a couple has found their perfect venue, it’s time to mark a date on the calendar! Maybe you have a significant date in mind such as an anniversary, or perhaps you have no preference at all. If you’re open to the time of year you wed, we highly recommend you consider the summer season! Here are seven reasons why you should get married at Madera Estates in the summertime!

More Guests Will Be Able To Attend

For many couples, their wedding day is a once and a lifetime celebration! It’s a time where you get to have all your favorite people come together. The reality is that this will likely be the only time all of your guests will be in the same room at once.

Of course, you want as many people to be able to attend as possible! By having your wedding during the summer months, you’ll be able to secure more people on your guest list. This is due to the fact that schools are not in session. Parents won’t be held up with their children’s academic or extracurricular schedule. This time of year is also generally more flexible due to the lack of holiday commitments such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Floral Selections Are Amazing 

The floral options during the summer months are nothing short of extraordinary! Many gorgeous flowers are in bloom at this time of year. Not only does that mean your florist will have access to all the best materials, you’ll likely get a better deal! 

I mean, come on! Who doesn’t like to save money? 

Popular blooms such as peonies and hydrangeas are at peak freshness during the summer months. Your florist will be floored to hear that you’re getting married during this time of year! 

Bright Colors Don’t Look Out Of Place

Do you love color? Summer weddings were made for vibrant decor!

If you’re wanting to incorporate a lively color palette into your wedding celebration, the summer season is for you! Pinks, oranges, yellows and every shade of blue are very popular during the summer months.

Picture Perfect Backgrounds

One of the best things about having a summer wedding is that the days are longer! Let’s face it, sunset wedding photos are some of the best in a wedding album! Since daylight will be available for a longer period of time, you’re guaranteed to have a plethora of gorgeous photos to mount on your wall. 

Another element to consider is the condition of the greenery at your venue. In the summer, you won’t have to worry about dull, dead grass. Instead, you’ll have landscaping that contrasts beautifully against your bridal party photos. 

Plenty Of Honeymoon Options

The celebration doesn’t stop once the grand exit occurs! For the newlywed couple, the party’s just getting started! Getting married during the summer months gives you a TON of sunny beach honeymoon options. From Mexico to Jamaica and even the coast of Europe, the summertime provides warm weather for an affordable beach getaway! 

More Attire Choices For Your Bridal Party 

One of the best things about having a summer wedding is the flexibility you have with attire. For brides, there’s a wide variety of gown selections including light chiffon and tulle. Not to mention, brides can swap out their ball gown for a short dress or even a jumpsuit! 

When it comes to bridesmaids, you have the choice to choose between a long or higher hemmed dresses. Not to mention, all sleeve lengths are welcome during summer weddings! From long sleeves to spaghetti straps and strapless, there are endless possibilities!

The groom and his groomsmen might possibly be the most thankful for the variety in attire! These days, men in the bridal party are not just limited to black tuxedos. During the summer season, they can opt for a lighter color suit such as grey or tan. Or, if you’re planning on a more casual wedding, they might even be able to sport shorts! 

Healthier & Lighter Menu 

You can get really creative with a summer dinner menu by incorporating produce that’s in season! Generally, winter and fall weddings serve heavier meals (aka more expensive). In the spring and summer, most guests will prefer something on the lighter and fresher side!

Since, ya know – we’re all working on our bikini bodies during this time of year! 😉 

You can get really creative with a summer wedding menu! Perhaps you’ll start the evening off with passed appetizers such as mushrooms and crab cakes. The main entree could be anything from marinated chicken, to pan-seared salmon and smoked steak. A side of grilled veggies pairs nicely with just about any main course. For dessert, a simple fruit platter is sure to satisfy your guest’s palettes! 

Did you know that Madera Estates offers optional catering services? Whatever theme or style you choose for your wedding celebration, we’re here to help you make your vision come to life! One benefit to using our in-house catering is that the food is sure to stay warm once it’s served to your guests. Although, we welcome any unique caterer that you’re excited about! 

Unique Chilled Desserts

Lighter desserts are a new trend we’re loving! Sure, you absolutely need a wedding cake but having some fresh dessert options for your guests is always a good idea. 

To put it simply, do you feel like dancing after a huge Thanksgiving feast? 

Though we don’t want your guests to go hungry, there is such a thing as serving too much food! Having a light after-super alternative such as sorbet or a fruit salad is a good substitute to buttercream and high fructose corn syrup. The lighter the menu, the less sleepy your guests will feel! Not to mention, this is a great accommodation for your guests with food sensitivities. 

Keep the dance floor poppin’ all night long with light summer dessert options! 

Festive Cocktails

Lemonade or watermelon-mint cocktail anyone? When it comes to the bar, you can get really creative with summer beverages! From fruity concoctions to frozen delicacies, the summer season offers tons of exciting cocktail options!


Okay, here’s a big one! Let’s talk about money.

Often couples have no idea what monetary contribution they’ll be making to their wedding celebration until they dive deep into planning. Between the venue, food, florals, photography and more, there are so many components to consider! It’s safe to say that a wedding celebration can cost several thousands of dollars…

Want an insider secret?! If you enjoy a discount as much as we do, ask your vendors about seasonal pricing! In the south, booking your wedding during the warmer months can allow you to save substantially! Regardless of the temperature, with a venue like Madera Estates, you have the option to shade your guests from the sunny rays or other elements. 

Get Married In The Summer At Madera Estates 

If you’re planning a wedding in Conroe or Houston Texas and want a steal on an awesome event space for your wedding celebration, consider booking Madera Estates in July or August! Although these months can be warm, we have the infrastructure in place to ensure a comfortable and one of a kind experience for your guests!  

Want to learn more? Book a free tour here. Once you fall in love with the scenery and staff that is Madera Estates, we’ll tell you all about the summer discount opportunities. 

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Cheers to you, your love and wedding planning!