How Social Media Has Changed Wedding Planning!

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Wedding Dance in Front of Grand Fireplace

In recent years, social media has completely transformed the wedding industry. After all, it’s no secret that many people are glued to their phones at all hours of the day! If you’re newly engaged, you’ve likely spent countless hours searching … Read More

Budgeting Basics for Wedding Planning

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Bride and Groom at Madera Estates near The Woodlands, TX

Budgeting Basics for Wedding Planning Budgeting. It’s not necessarily the most enjoyable thing to do in life. Without it though, you’ll likely find yourself with a myriad of headaches! For some, budgeting may seem like second nature. On the contrary, … Read More

Traditional Vows vs. Hand-Written Vows

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Bride and Groom in front of Grand Fireplace

Every wedding is different. Every couple is unique. Having been in the wedding industry for years, I’ve been able to see this first-hand on countless occasions. This statement was actually a major reason why we decided to start this blog … Read More

Pick Your Venue Before Anything Else

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Madera Estates Wedding Venue in Conroe, TX

Here’s Why You Should Pick Your Venue Before Planning Anything Else! Congratulations! You and the love of your life have decided on forever! This is such an exciting time in life, so be sure to soak it all in! As … Read More