How to Close Out Your Wedding In Style!

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Sparkler Send-Off

When it comes to crafting wedding days in 2022, it goes without saying that there are plenty of ways to make it memorable and unique! After all, just search through popular wedding hashtags on Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll see what we mean by this statement. As is a common theme here on our wedding blog, we always like to provide engaged couples with tips for ensuring a stress-free wedding planning experience. Whether that be in regards to booking vendors, ordering invitations or even sampling food catering options, it’s all about staying organized and having a schedule to work off of.

On today’s blog, we’ll be breaking down one of many essential components for your big day and that is the final send-off. Without a doubt, this is a piece that has become increasingly popular over the years and also something that presents you with a few different options to pick from. We’ll discuss some of our favorites, as well as break down which ones have been most common at weddings held here at Madera Estates. 

Before getting started on planning the most epic wedding send-off, we would like to say hello to any new visitors to our wedding blog. Welcome to Madera Estates! We are a Spanish and European inspired wedding venue and event space located just north of Houston and The Woodlands. We specialize in all-inclusive wedding packages, but are also pleased to host quinceaneras, corporate parties and various other events. As mentioned above, today we’ll be breaking down a handful of tips and tricks for closing out your big day in style. Let’s dive right in!

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Sparkler Send-Off

For obvious reasons, we’ll kick it off with a “send-off” that is certainly one of the most popular at our Conroe-based wedding venue. In short, sparkler send-offs always create for the most amazing photo opportunities and are something fun that everyone will enjoy partaking in. To provide a real world example, let’s take a look at how this might look for a wedding held at Madera Estates. You and your guests have been dancing the night away inside the Hacienda, celebrating the love between you and your husband/wife. To put a bow on this magical day, you enjoy one final dance with your spouse in an empty ballroom. Meanwhile, your guests are lined up outside with sparklers, preparing to send you off! After your final dance indoors, you head outside, and make your way by all of your loved ones before hopping into the getaway car. How does that sound for the “Best Day Ever?”

Firework Display

Do you like the idea of incorporating fireworks into your celebration, but want a little more added-pizzazz? Well, why not go with a full-fledged fireworks display then? As you can imagine, there are obviously some safety precautions that you’ll want to be aware of and it’s always a good idea to confirm with your particular wedding venue ahead of time to see if this is actually a possibility. However, it should be no surprise that this send-off can create some truly-magical moments! We’ve been fortunate enough to have had many couples incorporate this over the years and it is always a breathtaking experience as the fireworks shoot up just behind the Grand Fireplace. Honestly speaking, it really does look like something straight out of a movie!

Looking for someone reliable and professional near the Houston area to handle firework displays for your wedding? We’ve had the honor of working with the team at Roar Over Texas on multiple occasions and their team always knocks it out of the park.

Bubbles or Flower Petals

While fireworks of some sort have become a mainstay in many weddings held at Madera Estates, the truth is there are a plethora of various ideas you can incorporate into your send-off celebration. After all, just think back to some weddings you’ve been to in the past. How did they do their final send-off? Bubbles have been a classic send-off for years and continue to be a popular option. Flower petals are another great example of something that’s inexpensive, yet still perfect for closing out your wedding celebration!

Late Night Bites

After celebrating all night long, who wouldn’t want some late night snacks? All of that time spent on the dance floor could leave you and your guests feeling a little hungry, right? So why not have not late night bites delivered to the venue? Trust us, your guests will definitely love it and this is yet another perfect example of something that’ll make your wedding truly one-of-a-kind. As for what snacks you should have delivered? Well, that question is entirely up to you! Just from personal experience, we’ve seen couples go with a number of different options. Whataburger, pizza, churros, you name it!

Last Dance

If you’re looking for something simple, yet memorable, to cap off your wedding day, then why not do so with a final dance with your new spouse? You can pick a song that is special to the both of you. And with all of your friends and family looking on, this can be the perfect way to close out a day full of celebrating!

Ride Away In Style

Our final point that we’ll mention is certainly something that can be applied to each of the ideas mentioned above and that is the wedding getaway car! When it comes to the getaway car, there are a nearly endless number of possibilities to pick from. One popular theme we’ve seen has been renting vintage cars. These always create the most amazing photo opportunities and certainly result in an exciting exit. No matter what the form of transportation may be, it’s safe to say the idea of having a unique getaway car is something that’s quickly picking up steam and becoming a major wedding trend!

Utilize Social Media

Over the course of this blog post, we’ve walked you through a handful of fun ways to close out your wedding. However, the truth is you can be as creative as you want! And just as we briefly alluded to in the opening paragraph, it’s never a bad idea to utilize social media when planning your big day. In particular, Instagram and Pinterest are terrific resources for coming up with unique ideas to consider. Just remember, it’s your big day, so feel free to use your imagination when it comes to designing the different elements!

All-Inclusive Wedding Packages in Conroe, TX

After going through a few of the more popular send-off’s, what’s your favorite? Having hosted hundreds of weddings over the years, it’s always exciting to see how couples envision capping off this momentous occasion. In the end though, no matter which send-off you choose, it’ll always be special since you’ll be surrounded by all of your friends and family!

Here at Madera Estates, one of our specialties is all-inclusive wedding packages. We understand that wedding planning can quickly become quite stressful and have always strived to make the entire process as seamless as possible. We want you to focus on all of the fun aspects and not have to worry about logistics! If you recently got engaged, first off we would like to say congratulations! This is such an exciting time and we hope you enjoy every moment of it. In addition, if you are currently preparing to tour wedding venues and have your heart set on something near the Houston area, we would be more than happy to show you around our venue. To get started, you’re welcome to check out our online booking calendar HERE and select a time that works best for you. After that, you’ll be able to see the property in-person and ask any questions you may have. Happy Wedding Planning!