How To Create The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline 

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How To Create The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline 

How To Create The Perfect Wedding Day Timeline 

You’re engaged, yippie! Tying the knot with the love of your life is so exciting. After all, you’ll get to celebrate your big day with those you love most! If you’re just now starting to plan your wedding, you might be surprised by the overwhelming amount of items on your to-do list. When it comes to executing the picture-perfect day you’ve always dreamed of, there are a lot of things you need to plan for ahead of time! From the venue to the flowers, your attire, the photographer, caterer, cake, officiant, and more, there are seemingly endless things to consider when planning a wedding! One thing that you may have not given much thought to until recently is your wedding day timeline. In this blog post, we’re sharing the ins and outs on how to create the perfect wedding day timeline. We hope that our tips help! For more wedding planning tips and advice, click here to check out our other blog posts. 

Why Your Timeline Is So Important

You might be wondering why a wedding day timeline is so important in the first place! To put it simply, a wedding day timeline helps ensure your wedding day will run smoothly. More specifically, it helps your vendors and wedding party all be on the same page. If you want your wedding day to be organized and fuss-free, we highly suggest you take some time to create a throughout wedding day timeline!

Some wedding venues or photographers will map the timeline out for you. If you’re lucky enough to have a wedding planner or day-of coordinator, they will likely take on this responsibility. Be sure to communicate with all of your wedding vendors to determine their needs before creating this timeline. Specifically, talk to your venue, photographer, and videographer about what their needs and time limitations are.

Creating Your Timeline

In this blog post, we’re going to give you an outline of what details to include in your wedding day timeline. We recommend creating this in a word document or excel sheet. The document should be easy to adjust. The timeline should include addresses, contact information, and as many relevant details as possible. Some details you may want to include are the ceremony processional order and the toast order for the reception. 

Don’t Forget Rehearsal Details

It’s a good idea to include the timeline for your wedding rehearsal dinner as well as the big day itself. You’ll likely be working with several vendors on these days. Some vendors may include a restaurant, florist, and officiant. Be sure to include addresses just in case you forget something and need a friend to pick it for you. If you’re staying at a hotel the night before your wedding, include that information on the timeline too. 

Arrival Times & Locations 

On the morning of your wedding, you don’t want to get a ton of phone calls from people with questions! Your timeline should eliminate any confusion by noting addresses for each location you’ll be at. Furthermore, make it clear what time your vendors are due to arrive. Your florist, baker, and caterer will need plenty of time to set up!  

Map Out Who’s In Charge 

Assign someone to be in charge of any questions or concerns on the day of the wedding. Put their name on the top of the timeline with their phone number. You, your mom and maid of honor, likely don’t want to have to worry about this so assign this role to someone else. You’ll want to enjoy the experience of getting ready for your walk down the aisle! 

We highly recommend signing on with a venue that offers an on-site coordinator or outsourcing one. If you can’t afford to splurge on this help, ask a trusted friend to take on the responsibility of answering any questions from vendors and guests. 

Getting Ready Info 

Make a note of where you and your fiance are getting ready. What times will you be there? When is your glam squad due to start and complete your wedding day look? 

First Look 

If you’re having a first look, this is a key thing to note in your wedding timeline. After all, you’ll probably start taking wedding party pictures right after. Tell your photographer, videographer, hair & makeup artists, and wedding party to be ready to go before the first look. This way, you won’t delay the wedding party photos. 

Wedding Party & Family Photos 

If you want wedding party photos to be speedy, include these details on your wedding timeline! This is especially important in terms of family photos. So often, family members have no idea they’re supposed to stick around for photos after the ceremony. Let everyone know in advance so that your photographer isn’t scrambling to look for them! Even better, make a shot list for your photographer of all the photo combinations you want with your family. 

Ceremony Details 

When does the ceremony start and end? Feel free to note the order of the events. From prayers to the readings, the vows, ring exchange, first kiss, and more, map it out on your timeline. This will help your photographer and videographer make sure they get all the shots they need! 

Reception Events 

From the grand entrance to dinner, the toasts, cake cutting, dances, and everything in between, be sure to make note of it on the timeline! You can even include what songs you want playing for specific moments. 

Send-Off & Evening Accommodations 

Make sure everyone is aware when the send-off is scheduled! Your venue, photographer, videographer, and transportation team will need to be in sync so that you can head off to your happily ever after! 

Clean-Up & Delegations

Most venues have a hard end time when guests and vendors need to leave the facility. Make sure that time is noted so that everyone is on the same page! You’ll also want to assign a friend or family member to take home flowers, cards & gifts, leftovers as well as any other belongings! If you’re heading off on your honeymoon right away, delegate someone to return rentals such as decor and tuxedos! 

How To Share Your Wedding Day Timeline

Now that you’ve worked so hard on your wedding day timeline, it’s time to share it! Share it with all your key vendors and key contacts in an email thread. You should send this timeline approximately 30 days before your event so that all your vendors have time to review the game plan and make any changes if necessary. 

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