How To Make Your Houston Wedding Memorable!

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How To Make Your Wedding Memorable Madera Estates, Conroe, Texas

How To Make Your Houston Wedding Memorable

A wedding is a joyous celebration of a loving union between two people! If you’re engaged or planning a Houston wedding, you no doubt want to make the experience as fun and memorable as possible. At Madera Estates, our goal is to help you plan a party like no other! We are a luxury Spanish and European-inspired event space and we are experts at hosting once-in-a-lifetime events.

If you’re planning your own Houston wedding, we understand that this event is a celebration –your celebration– and it can be as special and unique as your imagination! You may be wondering how you can share this magical moment with your guests and give them a unique experience that will leave them in awe for years to come. Madera Estates wants to help you be the talk of the town (and Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook too)! With our elegant and stylish suites, and years of experience helping people turn special events into cherished memories, our optional all-inclusive venue is just the place to “wow” your guests.

Here are 10 fun ideas on how to make your Houston wedding memorable and an experience you and your guests will never forget!

1). Greet Your Wedding Guests

Weddings give us the opportunity to gather all of our favorite people to support us on our big day. Your wedding is your time to shine and having your friends and family there will make it all the more special to you! Setting aside some time to personally greet your guests would make them feel like an important part of your wedding. It’s a simple gesture but guests will remember the thoughtfulness and extra care you put into making their presence feel like a gift in itself. Many couples walk from table to table during dinner to greet their guests. Some couples even choose to have a receiving line right after their ceremony. There’s no right or wrong way to greet your guests, but it’s a good idea to make some room in your timeline to say “hello”! 

2). Integrate Social Media Into Your Wedding 

Everyone has some form of social media nowadays, so why not integrate it into your wedding? You could choose from one of the many wedding apps available online or include social media options on your wedding website. You could also come up with something a little more personal like starting your own wedding hashtag for Instagram, encouraging guests to live-tweet your wedding or create a Facebook group page for guests to share photos and videos after the event. Many people even make their own Snapchat filter for their wedding! 

3). Give Your Wedding Guests The VIP Treatment

Want to really make your guests’ jaws drop? Offer them a wedding VIP experience they will not soon forget! Set aside some space at your venue for a luxury lounge area. This will give your guests somewhere to relax and mingle in style. To add to the exclusive vibe, hang curtains or section off the area for that extra VIP touch. At Madera Estates, we actually have built-in lounge areas throughout the venue! Whether your guests want to relax outside or in one of our intimate temperature-controlled nooks, Madera Estates can help you create a VIP experience for your friends & family! 

4). A Delicious DIY Bar

Who doesn’t love a good DIY food bar? Offer your guests a feast for both their eyes and stomachs with fun food options they can create and customize themselves. A few DIY bar ideas that are sure to be crowd-pleasers are: A  dessert bar with ice cream, churros, and decadent toppings, a build-your-own-biscuit bar, a flavored popcorn station, a s’mores bar, a coffee/hot chocolate station, or a fondue fountain! Also consider thinking outside the box with a mashed potato/baked potato bar, a DIY bruschetta station, or an elaborate charcuterie board! There are so many delicious ideas out there – good luck choosing just one!

5). A Wedding Video Confessional Booth

You could go with a simple photo booth at your wedding or you could mix things up a bit with a video booth instead! Your guests will love this unique twist on the usual photo booth! Guests will be able to leave brief video messages that can later be uploaded onto your wedding social media pages or professionally edited and added to your wedding website as a charming montage for all to reminisce on and enjoy for years to come. What a cool keepsake this would be! 

6). Wedding Day Childcare Options

One way you can make your wedding stand out amongst the rest is by offering convenient childcare options for guests who have children. Consider hiring a babysitter or nanny to provide fun supervision. It might also be a good idea to set aside a safe space for them to play and rest. Make sure the room is stocked with games, kid-friendly snacks, and a DVD player to play movies as well as cots or furniture with soft blankets and pillows for napping. Parents will be thrilled that they are able to participate in the wedding and get their party on while their kids are safe and entertained nearby.   

7). A Non-Traditional Wedding Guest Book

Bring out your guests’ creative side with a non-traditional wedding guest book! Set out polaroid cameras for your guests and have them write personal notes on them. Or create a puzzle from your engagement photo and your guests can sign the pieces. You also could encourage guests to leave their signature or a nice note on a globe, map, wedding portrait, or custom wedding sign. Alternatively, you can ask guests to sign wine corks or heart-shaped wooden pieces to be placed in a shadowbox or ask them to write something special on postcards. Anything goes – your only limit is your imagination! Pinterest and Etsy have tons of fun and unique non-traditional wedding guest book ideas. 

8). Wedding Favor Swag Bags

Treat your guests like celebrities with a memorable welcome bag! Hand out personalized canvas tote bags with fun goodies such as mini champagne bottles, scented soaps, candles, candy with personalized wrappers, hangover kits, or individualized welcome notes from the newlyweds. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative! 

9). Unique Escort Cards 

Want to impress your guests and give them something exciting to chat about amongst themselves? Why not create unique escort cards your guests won’t be able to stop talking about? Think of how much your guests will love an engraved champagne flute or martini glass that can double as a favor, or personalized cake pop, or even a succulent plant with their name and table number written on a cute tag. Or, how about a custom coaster with the guest’s name engraved on it? Your guests will treasure these wonderful wedding keepsakes long after the celebration is over! 

10). A Memorable Ceremony Exit

To make your wedding a day your guests will never forget, why not end the ceremony with a bang? This is your moment to really dazzle your guests and leave them with a lasting memory. You could go all-out and plan for an epic, fireworks exit or a trendy sparkler send-off. Biodegradeable confetti, lavender buds, paper airplanes, and mini beach balls are also fun ways to jazz up your exit. You could hire a mariachi band, pass out noisemakers to your guests, and have your own mini parade escort you to your getaway car. Make your exit in style by renting the exotic car of your dreams or perhaps a fancy limo. A memorable ceremony exit will guarantee your guests will be talking about your wedding not only on their drive home but long into the future! 

Choose Madera Estates For A Wedding That Wows!

We hope you enjoyed learning a few ways to make your Houston wedding memorable! It can be tough coming up with ideas on how to make your wedding memorable while you’re also managing the usual wedding planning. Why not let us help you go from “wedding planning” to “wedding planned”? Madera Estates is dedicated to providing couples with the luxury wedding of their dreams! Located in Conroe, Texas, our enchantingly beautiful grounds-reminiscent of Central Mexico and complete with a stunning Hacienda-will leave you breathless. 

Are you planning your own Houston wedding? If you are dying to see all that Madera Estates has to offer you and your wedding, we’d love to have you stop by and visit us! Don’t wait, schedule a tour today! In the meantime, follow us on Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook for real wedding pictures and videos, and maybe even some ideas and inspiration for your own future wedding with us! Choosing Madera Estates means choosing to not settle for anything less than wedding perfection! 

Madera Estates is located at 3201 N Frazier St, Conroe, TX 77303. If you’re planning your own Houston wedding, don’t hesitate to request more information about our pricing and availability.

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