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When it comes to wedding planning, you can essentially divide the actual wedding day up into three general categories: the getting ready moments (including a potential first look and any pre-ceremony photos), the ceremony and the reception. Yes, you can easily break this down even further, such as dividing the reception into a cocktail hour, first dance, toasts, cake cutting, etc, but the main idea holds true. Here at Madera Estates, we understand that every single stage of wedding planning is important and deserves its own individualized attention. After all, depending on the current stage you’re at in the wedding planning process, you’ll likely be seeking out different types of information, right? Our blog seeks to provide you with tips and tricks for each various aspect.

With that all being said, this week’s blog is going to solely be focused on the reception. The reception part of the celebration includes so many fun and exciting components that we’re sure you’ll have an absolute blast planning it out. Whether that be in regards to the basics that are present at just about every wedding or some of the extras your guests will never forget, there’s a world of possibilities for wedding receptions nowadays. Over the course of this blog, we’ll touch on a few from each side of the spectrum and hopefully leave you with some good ideas worth incorporating into your own wedding reception!

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#1: Take Care of the Basics

Before we dive into some of the unique and interesting ideas that will surely set your wedding reception over the top, it’s important to highlight the must-haves that are always a hit amongst wedding guests. As you can likely guess, there’s quite a long list of essentials, so we likely don’t have time to list every single item. Several of these include tables, chairs, linens, flatware, dishes, glassware, centerpieces, etc. And also, it’s important to keep in mind that many of these may be covered by other vendors. For instance, your wedding venue rental may include supplying the tables and chairs. Anyways, those are obviously no-brainers. Some other must-haves include delicious catering, a beautiful wedding cake (or dessert bar and smaller cake if you’re not huge cake fans), decor, seating chart signage, table numbers and so on. Even though most of these are items that couples would automatically think of, I wanted to feature them first since they really are the foundation of an awesome wedding reception!

#2: Photo Booths

While photo booths aren’t anything brand new to the wedding industry, there’s no denying that they’re still widely popular and included in plenty of wedding celebrations. We covered them in-detail in a blog post earlier this year that you can check out HERE. They are the perfect example of an item that will keep your guests entertained and will undoubtedly be a popular place throughout the reception. Not to mention, with social media being such a big part of our lives, having the ability to provide guests with digital access to the photos will allow them to share the pics instantly, which everyone will LOVE! By the way, if you haven’t already witnessed a 360 photo booth, that’s going to be something worth checking out! Definitely a fun twist to an already awesome reception component.

#3: Spectacular Send-Off

The final send-off is another terrific reception idea where you can create something truly unforgettable. After dancing the night away with all of your loved ones in attendance, it’s time to have them send you off in style! What might this include? If you’ve checked out any of our blogs that’ve highlighted prior weddings, you likely know that sparkler send-offs are always a hit and tend to be extremely popular amongst couples. On that same note, another possibility would be a full firework display, which will definitely be something everyone looks forward to! How about bubbles or flower petals? Those are two more classics that you can’t go wrong with either! Don’t forget about having transportation to ride off in-style either! Whether it be a vintage car or even a limo, that’s another thing worth considering.

Before we head on to the next item, there was one final point I’d like to make in regards to the send-off. This applies to venues that have an outdoor and indoor area. While your guests are getting lined up outside for the final send-off, take advantage of the empty ballroom to enjoy one final dance on your wedding day. We’ve had many couples opt for this approach at Madera Estates and it always creates such a special moment!

#4: Dessert

We’ve said it before, but wedding cakes are definitely a traditional element of wedding celebrations. While it’s definitely not a requirement to have one included in your celebration and some couples are going with dessert bars in lieu of cake, it’s safe to say wedding cakes still tend to go hand-in-hand with wedding receptions. That being said, the reason I’ve included it on this blog post is because there are so many different possibilities when choosing your dream wedding cake in today’s wedding world. You can get creative with the shape, color, flavor and even include some decor to the point that it truly becomes a work of art! Plus, couples also have the option to include a groom’s cake too. This can be a great way to display the groom’s personality and interests into a unique cake. Just like with the main cake, this is another perfect place to show a little creativity. Maybe you highlight your favorite sports team, alma mater or even just another interest/hobby that you’re passionate about!

#5: Music and Entertainment

Wouldn’t you agree that dancing could be considered synonymous with wedding receptions? After all of the reception essentials, like dinner, toasts, and cake cutting, are complete, it’ll officially be time to open up the dance floor. And while you’ll have no trouble getting friends and family to join you on the dance floor, it doesn’t hurt to have some awesome music to accompany you. That being said, we always encourage couples to book a professional DJ or entertainment company. It’ll only add to the fun and you’ll definitely be glad you did! 

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We hope you enjoyed following along on this week’s blog post! Without a doubt, wedding receptions are such an integral part of the entire wedding celebration! From the delicious food to a night full of dancing, it’s the best way to celebrate with all of your family and friends. While we highlighted several different components of the wedding reception above, that definitely isn’t a fully-comprehensive list of ideas. With years of experience in the wedding industry, we’ve had the opportunity to see plenty of unique and memorable moments, including having alpacas on-site for the celebration!

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