Must-Have’s for an Amazing Wedding Reception!

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Unsurprisingly, it can honestly be a little more challenging planning a wedding reception, in comparison to the actual ceremony. You likely have more vendors involved in the process, are trying to keep tabs on the smaller details (like wedding favors, decor and so on), and obviously want everything to look just right! We get it! And with so many ideas out there on Pinterest, Instagram and any other wedding-inspo website, it can quickly feel a tad bit overwhelming. No worries at all though, that’s what your friends at Madera Estates are here for!

A common theme throughout many of our blog posts involves providing tips and tricks for creating your dream wedding, even down to the smallest detail. To provide a brief introduction for any first-time visitors, Madera Estates is a luxury wedding venue and event space located just north of Houston and The Woodlands, in Conroe, TX. We take pride in allowing our couples to have plenty of possibilities when it comes to designing every aspect of their big day. Whether that means a ceremony outside in front of the Grand Fireplace, a candle-lit reception inside the Hacienda, or even a firework display to cap off the best day ever, the possibilities are endless! This week on the blog, we’ll be focusing solely on the reception, as we will discuss a few must-haves that you’ll absolutely want to incorporate into your own celebration.

The photo in the thumbnail comes from a recent wedding at Madera photographed by Ivan Garcia Studio.

Delicious Food

Who doesn’t love delicious food at a wedding? It’s obviously an integral component of every wedding reception and something that you’ll want to be just right! It is also going to be something you’re going to want to get started on early in the planning process. Just as wedding venues can get booked up on popular dates months in advance, the same can be said about caterers. Shortly after finalizing your wedding venue, it would be a good idea to get the ball rolling on catering as well to ensure you secure your favorite option. Don’t forget about including appetizers for the cocktail hour, especially if you’re planning on squeezing in some photo opportunities in-between the ceremony and reception.

Are you engaged and holding your wedding near the Houston/Conroe area? As an all-inclusive wedding venue, we’re proud to recommend several local wedding vendors that we trust to always knock it out of the park. Our exclusive catering partners include The Hometown Chef, Churrascos, and Cafe Natalie.

All the Essentials

Before I start the next section, I would like to preface this by saying that some of the items on this list won’t necessarily be applicable to every couple. Depending on where you book your wedding and which package you select, some of these may be already taken care of without any work needed from you! Nonetheless, it would be impossible to have a blog titled “Must-Haves for a Wedding Reception” without including items that you absolutely must have. Having said all of that, our next item on the list is all of the essentials. Silverware, tableware, glassware, tables, chairs, decor on the table, centerpieces, florals, linens, napkins, the list goes on! Again, every venue is going to be a little different, but it never hurts to have a reminder. 

Favors for Your Guests

As you’re likely well aware of, many wedding traditions have been around for quite some time. From the white wedding dress and wedding cake to tossing the bouquet and more, there is certainly a sizable list. Another one that has become very popular is wedding favors for your guests. Think of these as a token of appreciation to your guests for attending your big day. And with so many different ideas on Pinterest to use as inspiration, you’ll have no trouble finding something you love. It doesn’t have to be anything super fancy or expensive, but rather a good rule of thumb to consider, is to try and make it personalized to you and your partner. Furthermore, if your wedding already has a theme, you may be able to tie your favors into that theme as well!


Just as we mentioned in the previous section about there being so many various long-standing wedding traditions out there, here we have another one that’ll appear in the reception portion of the celebration. While anyone can technically give a speech or toast at a wedding reception, it’s safe to say there are a few people that you generally always see give one. The best man and maid of honor are obviously must’s, as well as the bride and groom saying a few words themselves. Another potential speech could be the bride or groom’s parents too. In any case, the toasts should talk about what the newlyweds mean to them, maybe share a story or two and send them off with well wishes for the future.

Are you going to be the one giving a speech at an upcoming wedding? Even if public speaking isn’t necessarily your forte, one of our past blogs provided some tips to ensure you crush it! Click HERE to check out all of our favorite tips for writing a memorable toast.

Plenty of Fun

A wedding is a celebration, right? And with that in mind, the best way to celebrate the bride and groom tying the knot is with a fun-filled evening at the reception. Aside from some of the items already mentioned throughout this blog, how can you ensure that is the case at your own wedding? First and foremost, you’re going to absolutely need some form of music or a DJ to ensure the dance floor is occupied all night long. If you need any recommendations around the Houston area, let us know. Safe to say we know a few capable of truly getting the party started!

Another great source of entertainment for your guests can be photo booths. Add in some props and these always result in fun times for your guests. Plus, chances are you’ll see a few of the photos find their way onto Instagram in the hours/days following the celebration. And before we wrap up this blog, one final source of fun involves the very final moments of the wedding. Whether that be the sparkler send-off or a full-scale firework display, including some form of pizzazz is always an exciting way to cap off the day. Not to mention, they also make for amazing photos in your wedding album. After all, just take a look through our Instagram feed and you’ll likely see more than a few firework and sparkler send-off photos throughout!

Host Your Wedding at Madera Estates!

We hope you enjoyed our inside look at crafting awesome wedding receptions. Having been a part of hundreds of weddings over the years, there’s no doubt that it’s always exciting to watch wedding celebrations. From the moments planning your big day to seeing it truly come to life, it really is something! With an outdoor and indoor space available at our venue, it is entirely up to you on where you would like to hold the ceremony and reception. Without a doubt, our most popular set-up is an outdoor ceremony in front of the Grand Fireplace, followed by an indoor reception in the Hacienda. However, if the weather were to throw a curveball in those plans, there is always a back-up plan available. If you would ever like to schedule your own private tour of our wedding venue and see it in-person, you’re welcome to select a time on our booking calendar that works best for you. Click HERE to view the online calendar.