Tips for Writing A Memorable Wedding Toast!

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Tips for Writing A Memorable Wedding Toast

Need help writing a memorable wedding toast? You’ve come to the right place! If you’ve been asked to say a few words at a wedding reception, this is a huge honor! Maybe you’ve been thinking about the details of this speech for quite some time, or perhaps you’re struggling to start. Either way, this blog post will give you great tips for writing and delivering a beautiful wedding toast that will be cherished for years to come! 

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Introduce Yourself

If public speaking makes your stomach turn, figuring out how to start a wedding toast can be a very verve-inducing task! Not everyone attending the wedding is likely to know you, so begin by introducing yourself. State your name, and give a brief overview of how you are connected to the couple. 

Start Off With A Compliment 

Kick-off your toast by extending a compliment to the couple. For example, you can tell the bride how dazzling she looks! Or, you can express how romantic the ceremony was. You can never go wrong by starting off a toast with a few kind words. 

Thank The Hosts 

Don’t forget to thank the family for hosting such a wonderful event! This is sure to earn you a few brownie points with the parents of the bride and groom. 

Share A Favorite Memory

Next, share a favorite memory from when you first met the bride or groom. Maybe you’ve known them since childhood, college, or somewhere else along the way. Either way, sharing a fun memory you have of the bride or groom is a great way to portray your friendship! 

How Did The Couple Change Each Other For The Better?

If you had the chance to see the couple evolve together from the first date to fiancé, share your experience as a bystander! How did they act on their first date? Did they go out of their way to woo each other? What did they say when they first told you about their partner? How did you know they were meant to be? Discuss how the couple changed each other for the better after starting a relationship. 

Express Well Wishes

Wrap up your speech by expressing well wishes to the newlyweds! State how happy you are to witness this union and extend the couple a lifetime of love, fun, and happiness. 

End It With A Cheers 

Conclude your toast by asking the crowd to raise their glasses to the newlyweds. Cheers!

Keep It Short & Sweet 

After you’ve written the first draft of your toast, make sure it doesn’t exceed a few minutes. After all, guests will be ready to hit the dance floor and celebrate the night away! A concise and thoughtful toast will be much better received than a drawn-out salute. 

Practice Makes Perfect 

Don’t wait until the last minute to practice reciting your speech! This will make you less nervous on the big day. Furthermore, be sure to talk slowly so that everyone can understand you! 

Avoid Reading Off Your Phone 

Consider printing out the wedding toast on a piece of paper. Reading off your phone may seem convenient, but the blue glare from the screen can make for awkward photos. Keep it classy and timeless, by printing out your speech ahead of time! 

Skip The Inside Jokes 

Want to avoid crickets in the crowd? Avoid inside jokes and embarrassing the couple. A few laughs here and there are great, but remember – a wedding toast is not a roast! 

Dodge The Gringy College Stories 

Know your audience! The groom’s grandparents don’t need a wild ride down memory lane. If you’re wondering if a story is appropriate or not, ask the bride and groom how they feel their families would be receptive to it. Better safe than sorry! 

PRO TIP: Consider The Microphone & Videographer!

Make sure sound travels well by holding the microphone properly. Keep it at a consistent height so everyone can hear the entirety of your speech. Furthermore, if the couple has hired a videographer you may want to take their needs into consideration. Some videographers will need to put a microphone on you in addition to the one provided by the DJ or band. You may also want to avoid moving around a lot so that it’s easier for the videographer to frame up the shot. Make sure to stand in a place that allows all guests to see you, and that lights up your face evenly! 

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