Should You Have a Weekday Wedding?

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Here on the blog, we’ve talked before about the many different decisions you’ll need to make leading up to your wedding day. Long story short, there will be more than a few along the way! However, one of the first things you’ll need to decide on is a date on the calendar for your wedding. For obvious reasons, you’ll need this completed before booking your wedding venue, hiring a catering company and so on. First off, think about what season you would prefer for the big day and then you can slowly narrow down to a specific date. 

As you can likely guess, there are pros and cons tied to different times of the year, as well as different days of the week. This leads us into the topic of this week’s blog. We’ll be discussing why it may make sense to have your wedding held on a weekday. While Saturday’s certainly tend to be the most popular day for a wedding, there are perks to choosing a weekday instead. Before diving deeper into this topic though, we would first like to take a moment to welcome any new visitors to our blog. Our wedding venue, Madera Estates, is a Spanish and European-inspired event space located in Conroe, TX. If you’re engaged and searching for venues to tour near the Houston area, we would be happy to show you around. Click HERE to view our booking calendar.

Having said all of that, let’s now take a look at why a weekday wedding could be perfect for your big day!

Less Expensive

The most well-known benefit to choosing a weekday wedding is that it generally comes at a cheaper price tag than the more-popular Saturday’s. Keep in mind that this can be true with just about anything related to a wedding. Photographers, caterers, entertainment, you name it! So, if you’re trying to limit some of the costs, while still booking your dream venue and favorite vendors, a weekday wedding may be the perfect strategy for doing all of those things!

Looking to save money, but still prefer to have your wedding on a Saturday? Consider some of the less busier months instead! May through October tend to be the most popular months, so ask vendors or venues if there’s any discount for choosing something outside of those.

Did Covid Mess Up Your Plans?

Depending on what part of the country you live in, there’s a chance you’re still dealing with some of the ramifications that the pandemic had on the wedding industry. If this is you and you’re struggling to find openings on the Saturday you had originally planned for, it may make sense to choose a less-busier time. Not only will you save a few bucks in the process, but you’ll also avoid having to wait another year to get a specific wedding date.

Consider Doing So Around a Holiday

One of the potential strikes against weekday weddings is determining if your guests can get off work to attend. A potential way around this is coordinating your wedding day with a long holiday weekend. Many of your guests may already have this time off and won’t have to use as many paid-time-off days to travel for the wedding. Labor Day and Memorial Day weekends are popular holidays to hold a wedding around.

It’s safe to say that some holidays are better than others when it comes to weddings. In a blog post from earlier this year, we walked through the best and worst holidays to get married on. Feel free to click HERE to take a look at that blog!

Simpler Planning and More Intimate Ceremony

While this next point isn’t necessarily true with every single weekday wedding, generally speaking, you can expect a smaller guest list when tying the knot during the week. However, for some, a more intimate ceremony is exactly what the soon-to-be newlyweds had envisioned. Not to mention, with less people involved, it should make planning that much more simpler as well.

How About a Friday?

When it comes to discussing weekday weddings, it’s tough to ignore the benefits of holding your big day on Friday. After all, who doesn’t love Fridays?! Having a Friday wedding allows for a long weekend and no rush for out-of-town guests to travel back home. With the extra day to rest up, this is truly the perfect recipe for an awesome celebration that will have your guests dancing the night away! 

More Flexibility with Venues & Vendors

As we briefly discussed above, wedding venues and vendors tend to be the most expensive during the most popular days/seasons of the year. Having said that, since these times are so popular, they’re also going to book up much quicker, possibly even a year-in-advance. One of the biggest perks to selecting a weekday? You shouldn’t have nearly as much trouble booking your favorite wedding venue and hiring your dream team of vendors. Taking care of this will certainly help alleviate some unneeded stress and avoid having to book a vendor that you’re not absolutely in love with.

Weekday Wedding Tips

While you may not have considered a weekday wedding before, we hope this blog helped show you how it can be just as special. In addition to each of the benefits outlined above, it’s also important to understand there are a few added logistical points worth considering. Here are a few that we strongly recommend keeping in mind:

Give Plenty of Notice – Most couples’ biggest concern with a weekday wedding is knowing just how many guests will be able to attend. The best way to combat this is through sending invitations plenty early. This will ensure your guests have enough time to block a couple days off the calendar and make the appropriate arrangements.

Be Understanding – While it’s never fun to see some RSVP’s returned marked as “no,” it’s important to be considerate and understanding if some of your guests are unable to attend. Whether it be a result of not being able to get off work or having their kids miss school, make sure you don’t take it personally and acknowledge the fact that attendance could be slightly lower for a weekday wedding.

Traffic – Our final tip is largely dependent on where your wedding will be held. If the venue is downtown or a major metropolitan area, keep in mind any impact traffic may have on your guests getting to the wedding. Whether this impacts how you plan the day-of schedule or anything else, it would be wise to monitor this before finalizing times.

Book Your Weekday Wedding at Madera Estates!

Regardless of which day you choose to hold your wedding on, our team at Madera Estates is always here to help make your dream wedding a reality! While Saturday’s continue to be the most popular day of the week, we’ve had more than a few couples go with another day for some of the reasons mentioned above. Whether it be to learn more about pricing availability or to simply see the venue in-person, the best first step is to schedule your own private tour and decide if a particular wedding venue is right for you and your partner-to-be. To do so at Madera Estates, feel free to click HERE and select a time that works best for you on our book calendar. Cheers to a seamless wedding planning experience!