Thinking About Having an Unplugged Wedding?

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There’s no denying that technology has become ingrained with so many aspects of our daily lives. After all, how many times would you say that you check your phone every day? I’m going to guess it’s more than a handful. Nonetheless, it’s also safe to say that technology has been quite impactful on the wedding industry as well. Wedding websites, online gift registries, social media, 360 photo booths, the list goes on. Long story short, weddings (and the entire planning process) today look much different than they did a few decades ago and technology is a major reason for this.

If you’ve stopped by our blog before, you know we absolutely love to touch on different wedding planning tips and tricks. From some of our favorite send-off ideas to invitation do’s and don’ts, you can always count on something unique! Considering the planning process entails so many various components, we always like to provide tips that lead to a stress-free planning experience. Based on the opening paragraph, you’re probably thinking we’re going to discuss how technology, as a whole, has impacted the wedding industry. However, it’s actually just the opposite of that! Have you ever been to a wedding that had some signage out saying it’s an “unplugged” wedding? Well, we’re going to take a deeper look at what it means to have an “unplugged” wedding and why you may or may not consider doing the same for your big day.

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What is an “Unplugged” Wedding?

An “unplugged” wedding is exactly what it sounds like it would be. A wedding ceremony in which guests aren’t allowed to use their phones or cameras. It’s as simple as that! In a world where people are certainly glued to their phones throughout the day and obsessed with utilizing social media, this can be a challenge at times to enforce. However, there are plenty of benefits to going with this type of set-up and we’ll discuss many of those throughout this blog post. 

Photographer’s Perspective

For a photographer working a wedding, there really are no “second chances.” In other words, your wedding photographer generally has one chance to capture so many important moments, especially during the ceremony portion of the celebration. However, snapping these perfect shots can be easier said than done when every-other guest has their phone in the air or are leaning into the aisle trying to also get the perfect shot!

With that all in mind, the first benefit of an unplugged wedding ceremony is it’ll make your photographer’s life much easier for getting the perfect angles and in turn, result in the perfect wedding photo album when it’s all said and done. And who doesn’t love amazing wedding photos?

More Intimate Celebration

One of the main reasons many couples opt to have an “unplugged” wedding is the fact that it creates a more intimate and personal celebration. Technology and phones are great in many ways, but there’s no denying that they can also become a distraction. For one, you won’t have to worry about anyone’s phone ringing in the middle of the ceremony, but also it’ll ensure everyone is truly in the moment and can witness this big day.

You Know What Gets Posted

As is the case with many momentous occasions, everyone loves to post amazing photos to social media, right? And it is certainly safe to say that your wedding day falls in the category of momentous occasions! With this being the case, an “unplugged” wedding truly allows you to be the first to share professional photos from your ceremony. Just as we mentioned above, you’ll be relying on the skills of the wedding photographer you’ve hired to get all of the perfect angles and there’s no doubt the photos will be that much more amazing if everyone is present in the moment.

Likewise, you’ll also be able to control what gets posted to other people’s social media. If you would prefer to be the first to post ceremony photos on social media, then an “unplugged” wedding might be the perfect fit. Plus, many wedding photographers offer sneak peek photos that you’ll receive shortly after the wedding, so you won’t have to wait for the complete album to be finished. Not to mention, even though the cameras on phones have improved tremendously over the years, it’s safe to assume that the professional photographer is probably more likely to get all of the angles and ensure lighting isn’t an issue, as opposed to one of your guests! 

It’s Your Day!

No matter if you’re just getting started with wedding planning or are currently in the midst of it, one piece of advice we always give to clients is to remember that “it’s your big day.” There will obviously be plenty of opinions thrown around and in some cases, this advice certainly is worthwhile. However, don’t let it become something that also stresses you out in an effort to please every single person. If you would prefer a more intimate ceremony where guests aren’t snapping photos on their phones, then go that route and have an “unplugged” ceremony. It’s entirely up to you.

Going right along with this point, you can also decide what part of the celebration is actually “unplugged.” Maybe it’s just the ceremony and then at the reception, everyone is free to pull out their phones and post some pictures on social media with your selected wedding hashtag. This is a popular set-up that really does provide the best of both worlds.

Make Sure to Communicate to Guests

Before we wrap up this blog post, the one thing you’ll need to remember to do with an “unplugged” wedding is to make sure your guests are well aware of the guidelines. There are many ways to make sure everything is communicated appropriately and we recommend doing so both in the timeframe leading up to the big day, as well as on the wedding day itself. For the time leading up to the wedding day, perhaps consider putting this on your wedding website. Your website is the perfect place for so many of the wedding day details that it makes it a logical place for your expectations on phone usage. As for the actual wedding day, an easy way to spread the word is with a simple sign that states your expectations (maybe put this on the table where guests sign-in). This, coupled with many of your family members and close friends encouraging everyone to follow suit, should be enough to get the message across.

Have You Picked Out Your Wedding Venue?

We hope you enjoyed checking out our blog post that highlighted “unplugged” weddings. With the rapid growth of technology, phones have become a part of our daily lives and as so, this has also brought along the theme of restricting their use at weddings. However, before you decide whether or not you want your wedding to be “unplugged,” you’re going to need to finalize your wedding venue choice first. 

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