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What does your dream wedding theme look like? When it comes to planning a wedding celebration, there are more than a few decisions that you’ll need to make along the way. Whether that be in regards to meeting with potential vendors, touring local venues or even just creating your guest list, it will undoubtedly be such a fun process to experience with your spouse-to-be. One element of wedding planning that we always love to hear about involves the actual theme that couples have in mind for their celebration. Since opening up Madera Estates ten years ago, we’ve had the opportunity to witness so many unique and clever wedding themes. Whether that be a vintage-themed celebration, a wedding correlated with the specific season in which it’s held or even a Halloween-themed wedding, the possibilities are endless!

For those new to our blog, one common type of post that we love to write involves taking a peek at previous weddings held at Madera Estates. From the getting ready moments all the way through the final send-off, it is always a joy to reminisce on past wedding celebrations and re-live all of the fun moments! This week, we’ll be looking back on Nicole and Moses’ special day at Madera. They went with a “Til Death Do Us Part” theme and we were absolutely amazed by the wedding photos. Thank you so much to K-Ruiz Photography for capturing the entire day so flawlessly and supplying the photos featured throughout this blog! 

With that all being said, it’s now time to check out Nicole and Moses’ big day at Madera Estates!

All the Details

As we briefly mentioned above, the theme for this Spring season wedding was “Til Death Do Us Part” and judging by these simple detail shots below, it’s clear they were definitely going to knock it out of the park!

Speaking of details, who else LOVES this black wedding dress?! It’s definitely a statement piece and something capable of instantly capturing everyone’s attention!

And before we head into the bridal suite to get this fun celebration underway, we just wanted to share one more pic of the wedding dress! Simply stunning!

Inside the Champagne Suite

At Madera Estates, the Champagne Suite serves as the bridal suite. With a dining room, dressing room, lounge area, hair and makeup room, what else could you want as you prepare for your special day?!

Inside the Whiskey Lounge

On the flip side, Madera Estates also has a suite for the guys as they get ready for the big day! Before they put on their suits and got all spruced up, Moses and his groomsmen enjoyed some time relaxing before the day’s festivities would get underway.

Sneak Peek of the Hacienda

Another area that is included in our wedding venue is the ballroom, also known as the Hacienda. Everything was looking flawless and definitely fitting the wedding’s theme perfectly!

Getting Close to Wedding Time!

With the ceremony quickly approaching, let’s head back to the bridal and groom’s suite to check on the wedding party as they’re getting all ready to go!

While Moses and the guys tried on their suits in the Whiskey Lounge, Nicole put her wedding dress on and snapped a few photos too. We have to say, the maroon suit paired with the black dress is definitely a terrific color combination!

Again, kudos to K-Ruiz Photography for capturing all of the special moments! This wedding album turned out wonderfully!

First Look at Madera Estates

If you’ve checked out some of our prior “Real Wedding” blogs, you likely know that first looks are becoming increasingly popular! Not to mention, it is almost guaranteed to produce the most adorable wedding photos as well!

Nicole and Moses had their first look in front of the Grand Fireplace, which is also where the ceremony would soon take place. How precious are these photos?!

Another benefit of first looks that many couples take advantage of is that it allows you time to knock out some of your wedding photos before the ceremony. This can help speed up the transition from ceremony to reception while not leaving your guests waiting for very long!

Nicole and Moses did just that, and we’re able to capture some awesome photos around the venue! We tried to pick just a few of our favorites, but it was definitely a challenge to narrow them down to just a handful!

Amongst our favorite pre-ceremony photos, these ones in front of the bar area have to be near the top of that list! Stunning shots that we hope more couples implement in future weddings!

Add in a photo with the shadows like the one below and you can likely see how we struggled to just pick a few of these awesome photos!

Time To Say the “I Do’s”

Next up on the agenda for this April wedding day is for these two to officially tie the knot! As is the case with quite a few weddings at Madera Estates, Nicole and Moses opted for an outdoor ceremony in front of the Grand Fireplace

Even with having a first look before the ceremony, we can safely tell you there will still be plenty of emotions as you see your partner on the walk down the aisle.

And before you know it, these two are officially Mr. and Mrs. Congratulations, Nicole and Moses!

Reception Time in the Hacienda!

The reception for Nicole and Moses’ wedding took place inside the Hacienda. However, while their guests were getting seated there, the wedding party headed into the Whiskey Lounge for a quick celebration before the party got started!

In addition, we also wanted to give you a sneak peek of the cake that matched the newlywed’s wedding theme just right! The cake was made by Pure Cakery.

After their guests had been seated and the wedding party had made their way into the ballroom, it was time for Nicole and Moses to make their entrance into the Hacienda and enjoy their first dance together as husband and wife!

You can’t have a wedding reception without a few toasts, right? Great job by everyone that said a few words and gave a speech at Nicole & Moses’ wedding!

Speaking of wedding traditions, the cutting of the wedding cake is undoubtedly one of the oldest traditions there is! 

While DJU Entertainment had the dance floor packed all night, the newlyweds were able to sneak outside and snap a few twilight shots! For any couples tying the knot at Madera Estates, we strongly recommend discussing this possibility with your photographers beforehand! As seen below, these are definitely some beautiful photo opportunities.

Want another must-have wedding picture to add to your list? While your guests are getting ready for your final send-off, utilize the empty ballroom to have one final dance before the night wraps up!

And, of course, when it comes to closing out the night in-style, you can’t beat a sparkler send-off!

Thanks again to Nicole and Moses for allowing us to be a part of their awesome wedding celebration! They definitely perfected their wedding theme from start to finish. Congratulations to you two and we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

We would also like to thank all of the talented vendors that helped make this magical wedding day a reality! In case you’re planning a wedding near the Houston or Conroe area, here are the list of vendors included in Nicole and Moses’ wedding:

Venue: Madera Estates
Photography: K-Ruiz Photography
Caterer: The Hometown Chef Catering Co.
DJ: DJU Entertainment
Cake: Pure Cakery
Coordinator: Kaylee Fournet

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