Wedding Website Dos & Don’ts

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Wedding Website Do's & Don'ts

Having a wedding website is becoming normal and even expected in today’s day and age. Of course, if you’re engaged and planning a wedding, you likely haven’t built a wedding website before! We understand it can easily feel overwhelming when deciding where to start! In this blog post, we’re sharing some dos and don’ts for your wedding website. We hope that you find this information helpful!   

Do Stick With Your Theme

Do stick with the theme of your wedding! If you’re getting married in the winter, you probably don’t want a beachy look for your wedding website. Give your guests a taste of what your wedding day will look like! For example, if you’re getting married on New Years Eve, make the website style reflect the theme of the event! This will get guests excited about the upcoming celebration and will give them a good indication of what the wedding day will look like. 

Don’t Wait Until The Last Minute!

Give yourself plenty of time to create your wedding website! This is especially important for those who aren’t so tech-savvy. Wedding planning can be stressful as it is. Get started on your wedding website as soon as possible. Also, be sure to use a reputable hosting platform such as The Knot or Wix. There are tons of free online website builders that will make the process a lot easier!

Do Be Clear About The Dress Code

We’ve all shown up to events and regretted our outfit choice. Do be sure to include dress code recommendations on your wedding website! This is especially important for outdoor weddings. If your event will not be temperature controlled, it’s imperative you offer comfortable dress code suggestions. Don’t forget to let your guests know what to expect in terms of fanciness! 

Don’t Forget The Timeline!

Keep your friends and family in the loop! Be sure to include a timeline on your website. This will give guests a good understanding of what is expected of them during the event. This is especially relevant for couples who are having their ceremony and reception at two separate venues. 

Don’t Forget To Introduce The Bridal Party

There’s a good chance that friends and relatives aren’t going to know each other at the wedding. Introduce your bridal party on your wedding website! Be sure to include headshots! This will make introductions easier on the big day. 

Don’t Include Other Pre-Wedding Events

We don’t recommend sharing exclusive, or invite-only events, on your wedding website. From the bridal shower to the bachelorette party, we understand that there are a lot of exciting milestones leading up to your wedding day. However, you don’t want a website visitor to feel left out if they’re not included in the events! Keep the wedding website just for the big day itself! 

Do Provide Travel & Hotel Information

Whether you’re getting married at a resort, event space, or on family property, there will almost always be a few guests that are traveling from out of town. Give guests a few nearby hotel recommendations. Even better, choose a reasonably priced hotel and organize a group discount rate. Your guests will be so thankful! Additionally, be sure to include the numbers of taxis or private transportation options. Most guests will have access to Uber, but having alternative transportation options is a good idea. 

Don’t Share On Social Media!

Whatever you do, do NOT share your wedding website on social media! You don’t want any unexpected guests to show up on your wedding day. Not to mention, feelings might get hurt if you’re having trouble narrowing down the guest list. Keep the wedding website off of social media and send your guests private links instead. Most wedding website builders even have the option for you to keep the site password protected! 

Do Include Registry Information

Don’t forget to share the link to your registry! The wedding website should provide easy navigation to your wish list! If you’ve already lived together a while and are not short on household items, consider requesting a honeymoon fund. Alternatively, you can have your guests contribute to a cause or charity that you and your partner are passionate about. Either way, make sure you are clear about your wishes on your wedding website!  

Don’t Write A Novel Or Overuse Acronyms 

Not everyone will understand what MOH (maid of honor) and FOB (father of the bride) mean. Avoid using acronyms. Likewise, avoid using regional expressions. The information on your wedding website should be helpful for your guests! Keep the text brief and use bullet points to create quick and absorbable content. Wedding websites should provide a fun peek of the couple, their love story, and the wedding day details. Keep it short and sweet! 

Do Provide Local Recommendations 

Do you have any out-of-towners attending your big day? It’s a good idea to recommend a few of your favorite restaurants, bars, and entertainment options! You’ll likely be busy on the days leading up to your wedding day, but guests might feel stuck inside their hotel rooms if they don’t know where else to go. Get creative by recommending local spots that are meaningful to you and your spouse-to-be! For instance, where did you have your first date? What’s your favorite go-to restaurant? Are there any activities that you love doing together? Those can be fun places to recommend! 

Don’t Use Online RSVP’s

If you want an accurate guest count, don’t count on just using online RSVP’s. Guests can easily submit an online RSVP at the touch of a button, but the simplicity of it might give you an inaccurate guest count. Alternatively, if a guest has to fill out and mail in their RSVP, it takes significantly more effort on their part. Chances are high, if a guest takes the time to mail an RSVP they are likely to actually attend the wedding. Either way, be sure to call your guests 30 days out from the event to confirm they are attending. You’ll want to update the caterer and bartender with a final headcount. Overestimating your guest count can cost you a lot more than necessary! 

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