What Your Bridesmaids Are & Aren’t Expected To Cover

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Getting married is such an exciting milestone in your life! If you’ve been dating Mr. Right for a while, you’ve likely been anticipating this event for months and even years! Now that a ring is finally on your left hand, you’ve probably dived right into wedding planning mode. After all, planning a Pinterest-perfect wedding takes a lot of hard work and thought! Perhaps, one of the most exciting aspects of getting married is sharding the day with those you love most. Not only do you get to marry the love of your life on your wedding day, but you also get to celebrate your commitment with your friends and family. Additionally, getting your best girlfriends together for the pre-wedding festivities is also an exciting aspect of wedding planning. Most likely, you’ll have a few bridesmaids that will be by your side through it all! As much as it is an honor to be a bridesmaid, it can also be very expensive. 

If you’re a bride, you may be trying to figure out what to budget for your bridal party. If you’ve been asked to be in a wedding, you might be wondering what your financial obligations are. In today’s blog post, we’re sharing the ins and outs of the cost associated with being a bridesmaid. Hopefully, by the end of this blog post, you’ll have a good understanding of what you are and are not responsible for. Keep in mind, every situation is different. Depending on your financial stability, your circumstances may differ from what is in this blog post. We hope you enjoy this insight! 

Wedding Ensemble 

From the dress to the shoes, undergarments, and more, bridesmaids are responsible for purchasing their wedding day look. Sometimes a bride will gift her maids jewelry for the big day, but, unless otherwise instructed, each bridesmaid will be responsible for her wedding day ensemble. 

Bridal Shower

Bridesmaids (and good friends in general) are responsible for planning and paying for the bridal shower. A lot of times the Maid of Honor or the Mother of the Bride will plan and pay for this event. However, sometimes all of the bridesmaids will chip in and split the expenses evenly. In this case, the Maid of Honor will take charge of planning the bridal shower and may ask for monetary support from the other bridesmaids. If you are a bridesmaid and are currently having a difficult financial situation, make sure you let the party planner know! Most of the time people are very understanding as long as you give them a heads up. 

The Bridal Shower Gift

Yes, even bridesmaids should bring a gift to the bridal shower. It’s in good taste to bring a gift to the event, even if it’s something small. The bride will likely understand if you gift a lower ticket item. It’s more the thought that counts! If the bride really wants a high ticket item, ask the other bridesmaids or some of her friends if they would be willing to buy a gift together. This is the best of both worlds! Not only will the bride be thrilled to receive this gift, but you’ll save a little dough for the rest of the wedding festivities. 

Bachelorette Party 

Whoo-hoo! Bachelorette parties are SO MUCH FUN! You probably already guessed this, but traditionally the bride won’t have to spend much on this trip. The guests who attend this event are usually responsible for splitting the costs of her fun. When it comes to planning the perfect bachelorette party, there are so many options to choose from! From a weekend in Vegas to a trip to wine country, there are endless possibilities for an awesome celebration! Keep in mind, you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a blast and make memories with your BFFs! Maybe one of the bridesmaids has a family lake house, or you could consider going “glamping”. Heck, slumber parties are still fun no matter how old you are, right?! Get creative! We suggest starting a group chat with all of the bridesmaids and anyone else who will be attending the bachelorette party. Make sure to discuss a budget before booking anything such as flights or hotels!

The Wedding Gift

This one is tricky, you don’t necessarily have to buy a wedding present if you’ve already gifted at the bridal shower. If you want to bring a gift without breaking the bank, consider picture frames, dish towels, or a personalized monogrammed item from Etsy. Even if it’s something small or handmade, the couple will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness! 

Bouquets & Accessories 

Bouquets and accessories are on the bride’s tab! As you can tell from the rest of this blog post thus far, being a bridesmaid can get expensive! The bride and her family are traditionally responsible for paying for the bouquets and any other accessories such as jewelry, shawls, or getting ready outfits (matching robes, PJs, etc). This also holds true for groomsmen and other special guests. The couple getting hitched should take care of the costs for the boutonnieres, corsages, and other floral accessories. 

Wedding Day Transportation 

Traditionally, the bride and her family are responsible for covering day-of wedding transportation. This includes transportation to and from hotels and the ceremony site to the reception location. Your bridal party shouldn’t have to worry about this. PRO TIP: Book a wedding venue that can host your ceremony and reception at the same place! Even better, find a venue that has a groom and bridal suite for you to get ready in. This will save you a fortune on transportation costs. Not to mention, it will make the day less stressful. 

Hair & Makeup

This one is a little tricky. Some brides spoil their bridesmaids and some ask them to pay for professional hair and makeup services. If the bride is set on having all her girls glammed up, we recommend you gift these services to them. Professional hair and makeup services can get very expensive, ranging from $100 – $200 per person. If you’re impartial, but if your bridesmaids insist on having a glam squad, offer to split the bill with them or gift it as their bridesmaid present. On another note, if your bridesmaids are already great at doing their own hair and makeup let them do it! There’s no rule that says you must have professional hair and makeup done on your wedding day. Do whatever works for you and what you think will be the less stressful option. 

Pre-Wedding Accommodations 

If you’re traveling from out of town, it’s on everyone to find accommodations for themselves. If you want to find something affordable, consider splitting a hotel room or an Airbnb with some of the other guests. 

Communication Is Key 

As a final thought, remember that communication is key! Really! Being open and honest upfront is the way to go. If you’re nervous about what being a bridesmaid entails, communicate this with the bride. She likely just wants to enjoy her wedding day with you by her side! Don’t let bridesmaid duties keep you awake at night, talk with the bride about your budget and she will likely be very understanding. 

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