Your Ultimate Guide to Wedding Seating Charts!

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Let’s Talk About Wedding Seating Charts!

Wedding planning is very exciting for many future brides and grooms! Between the flowers, the food, decorations, and more, there are a lot of decisions to be made! It’s no secret that some of the tasks that you’ll have on your to-do list will be more fun than others. One thing, in particular, we often see couples stress out over is wedding seating charts. After all, you want your guests to have a great time with those they enjoy most! Although wedding seating charts are definitely not as glamorous as trying on wedding gowns or tasting signature cocktails, your seating chart plays a big part in the comfort of your guests. We’re here to offer a few tips for making wedding seating arrangements a breeze! 

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Get Started Early 

You’re going to want to give yourself plenty of time to revise and perfect your seating chart. Be aware that your seating chart will likely evolve throughout the wedding planning process. Start with an initial rough draft of your guest list. Once you receive RSVPs back, you’ll have a better idea of who will be attending. It’s a great idea to contact each of your guests about a week or two before the event. This way, if there are any last-minute cancellations, you can adjust your seating arrangements. Plus, it might even save you a few bucks on catering! 

Talk To Family First 

You might be surprised how opinionated your family will be about the seating chart. This is especially true for any family members who have divorced spouses attending the wedding. Blended families can often come with a bit of drama that you have to work through. Of course, you can’t make everyone happy, but ask your parents if they have preferences about who they (and who they don’t) sit next to. 

Outline The Head Table 

Your head table is a great place to start your seating chart! Some couples opt for a sweetheart table. This arrangement is a table for two, the bride and groom. Alternatively, many couples will have their entire bridal party sitting at their table. Some even choose to sit next to their parents, siblings, and close relatives. Remember, there’s no right or wrong answer! Decide who you want to sit next to during dinner and the toasts and go from there! 

Decide On Table Shapes

As obvious as it may seem, you’ll want to determine the shape of your tables before panning out your seating chart. This is because different table styles will have different seating capacities. Large circular tables can usually fit up to ten guests. Square tables might seat twelve, and large rectangular tables will seat even more! 

Break It Down 

Start by writing down your entire guest list. Then, break down the guests into categories. Some categories may include family, colleagues, college friends, high school friends, your parent’s guests, and so on. Using Excel might be really helpful for this task! This way, you’ll be able to easily list and group friends by commonalities. Once you’ve categorized your guests into groups, consider which ones would mesh well together.  

Put Pen To Paper 

Many people thrive with visual aids! Get a poster board and outline a rough draft of the room with the table settings. Then, get thin Post-It strips and play around with the outline. This way, you, and whoever is helping you make the seating chart, will be able to easily pick up the Post-It and navigate it to a new seating arrangement. 

Unite Old Pals 

Weddings are a great way for old friends and long-distance relatives to catch up! On your RSVP card, feel free to ask guests who they ideally would like to sit next to. This tip can greatly reduce stress when it comes to wedding seating charts! 

Think Strategically

It’s important to consider each table and the crowd you’re catering to. For example, you probably want older guests to be far away from the band or DJ. They’ll likely have much more fun socializing than listening to Justin Beiber and Lizzo. On the flip side, your sorority sisters are probably going to be making frequent trips to the bar. They’d likely be thrilled to be seated next to a bartender!

Don’t Forget The Little Ones 

If you’ve got kiddos, you may want to consider having a fun activity table for them. This can be a little tricky though. Toddlers and children under five will likely want to be next to their parents during dinner for assistance. Older children, however, would probably love having a designated table for them and the other kids! Keep them occupied by giving them simple crafts, coloring books, glow sticks, and even outdoor games! Giving the kids some fun activities will keep them happy and allow their parents to enjoy the festivities. 

Create A Visual Guide 

You’re going to want to create a large visual guide for your guests. This will allow them to navigate themselves to their seat. There are so many great ideas on Etsy and Pinterest. From chalkboards to acrylic signs and wood slices, there are several options for you to display seating arrangements. 

Make It Fun With Escort Cards

If you want to assign tables, but not seats, consider escort cards! There are so many cute ways you can show your guests to their seats. From succulents to figurines, tequila shots, and even coasters, your options are seemingly endless! 

Put Someone In Charge 

Be sure to assign someone to stand next to the seating chart. It’s important to have someone nearby to navigate guests to their assigned seats. This is especially important for anyone that might be confused or visually impaired. 

Wedding Seating Charts: When In Doubt, Let It Go!

Does the wedding seating chart make you want to rip your hair out? Take the easy route by assigning a select few VIP tables. Your guests will know not to sit at reserved tables unless they’ve been instructed to. At the end of the day, people are going to likely be sitting in their seats for dinner only. You don’t have to lose sleep at night over your wedding seating chart! 

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