Budgeting Basics for Wedding Planning

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Wedding Planning Budget

Budgeting Basics for Wedding Planning Budgeting. It’s not necessarily the most enjoyable thing to do in life. Without it though, you’ll likely find yourself with a myriad of headaches! For some, budgeting may seem like second nature. On the contrary, … Read More

Practical & Creative Wedding Favors

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When planning your wedding, no matter how big, small, traditional or non-traditional you want to make it, you will soon realize there’s an overwhelming list of details to consider! Near, if not at the very top of this list, are … Read More

First Look Photos? You Decide!

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First Look Wedding Photos

First look wedding photos might not be a brand new trend. However, it continues to be a hot topic! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of photos across Facebook and Instagram of this highly anticipated moment! Nonetheless, the traditional practice of … Read More